5 Shocking Fairy Tale Endings Revealed

(upbeat music) – Baby got, what? That's right, we're back – Oh

Bedtime stories are supposed to calm kids down but if kids knew how dark original fairytales really were they'd never sleep again! It's time for Fairy Tales? More like scary fails that give my kids nightmare wails! – My daughter Lili has nightmares about whales All the time – Yeah, it's common – But that's not the spelling – That's not what I was talking about

Okay here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna read you a multiple-choice question about the true origin of some classic fairytales Fairytales that we're all familiar with but the original endings back in the day were a little bit unsettling – Twisted – Twisted! And I'm going to give you some options

Now if you get three out of the five of these right you do not have to kiss your little friend over there Bring your little friend in – Oh gosh He's not that little – Nope

– [Link] Oh gosh – You know what, and if you do get three out of five I have to kiss him so one way or another that little froggy is getting kissed by a human face – Oh man I'm gonna try hard 'cause I don't like to touch frogs – Much less kiss

– With my lips or any part of my body – Pinocchio isn't just the second worst ride at Disney Land it's also the tale of a wooden boy who learns the value of honesty but before Disney made an ass of the puppet (chuckles) – Turned into, I get it – Carlo Collodi's original story had a much darker side How did the original story of Pinocchio end? A, Pinocchio is thrown off a cliff and broken into splintered pieces

Whoa, he's getting excited B, Pinocchio is hung from an oak tree and spasms until he dies – What? – C, Pinocchio is beheaded and his parts tossed into the river as a warning to other bad boys Or D, Pinocchio makes love to a tree stump and gets a bad case of splinters (crew laughing) – Ergh! – That last one

– This is freaking disturbing Thrown off a cliff, hung from a tree or beheaded! – They knew how to teach children back then – I mean, I think the most tasteful thing here is being thrown off a cliff and broken into splintered pieces A! – Okay Link it's B, Pinocchio is hung from an oak tree and spasms until he dies! – What? – Yeah what's even worse, it was the giving tree

(Link and crew laugh) – You got Shel involved in this? – Yeah Shel Silverstein, it's real old – Oh gosh – He also murders the cricket Pinocchio murders the cricket with a hammer in this version I was always annoyed by Jiminy Cricket though so I'm kind of into that

(crew laughs) – The noises they make – All right, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but if you're Disney's Snow White you might wanna think twice before biting into that red apple Thankfully, Snow White survives in both the original Brothers Grimm and the Disney version but that doesn't mean things don't get dark How does the original Snow White story end? A, the evil step mother attends Snow White's wedding and is forced to put on red hot iron slippers and dance until she dies (Link exclaims) B, the prince forces Snow White to give up their child to the evil stepmother in exchange for peace

C, watch out! C, Snow White learns of the prince's infidelity and burns his eyes out with hot coal while he sleeps Or D, Snow White bites Beyonce – That's who did that! – Yeah! (chuckles) He's ruthless – Right on the face! – Which one is it, Neal? – The infidelity thing does not– – Ring true – Make sense

It just seems off topic – Okay – Giving up the child to the evil stepmother in exchange for peace, peace is important – Peace is important – I'm gonna go with the hot iron slippers, A

Because the evil stepmother needs to get it! – You're right Link, it's A! The evil stepmother attends Snow White's wedding and is forced to put on red hot iron slippers and dance until she dies and that's why at weddings today we always kill our stepmothers (crew laughs) – Really, you're really into this twisted stuff man – They say, if the shoe fits, wear it and if it doesn't, try to cram your feet in and pretend At least that's what the step sisters in Disney's Cinderella tried to do when the prince came by with Cinderella's glass slipper But in the original Brothers Grimm tale, what happened? A, the step sisters beat Cinderella so hard she bleeds and the prince finds her by following a trail of blood

– Gosh – B! The step sisters cut off Cinderella's feet but the prince finds out and reattaches them then pulls off the step sisters ears as punishment C, one step sister cuts off her toes and the other cuts off her heel to fit into the shoe and the prince realizes they're frauds when he sees blood all over their shoes Or D, Cinderella breaks up with the prince when she realizes he has a foot fetish (Link and crew laugh) – There's a lot there

So many options! – It's horrifying I'm feeling faint I think I've heard about this one The step sisters cutting off their mutilating their own feet in order to fit the shoe – You going with that one? – Yeah I'm gonna go with C

– You're right, Link! They cut off parts of their feet to fit into their shoes but fun fact, they were still able to return the shoes to Nordstrom (crew laughing) They'll take anything back – Little blood don't hurt – Link, two out of three You just gotta get one of these last ones right

– I do not want to touch the frog (Link exclaims) – Hey don't hurt his feelings man, don't hurt his feelings – Like I would almost rather touch a snake at this point – Well they are slimier – I feel like I'm getting acclimated to him

– Disney's the Little Mermaid is a classic tale of true love despite different backgrounds but in the Hans Christian Anderson original it's more of a soulless morality tale designed to cause nightmares in sinning minds How does the original Little Mermaid end? A, in order to get her voice back the Little Mermaid must rip out the throat of the prince and toss it into the sea B, in exchange for her life, the Little Mermaid is given a knife to murder the prince with and when she refuses, she is turned to sea foam C, in order to ensure that their love is forever the Little Mermaid must murder the prince's parents so that they can bear no other heirs or D, she replaces her voice box with autotune and becomes a moderately successful rap artist named Lil Mer (crew and Link laugh) – Oh gosh, stop moving

– He wants you – Okay With B, she sacrifices herself Instead of murdering the prince, becomes sea foam which is poetic – Beautiful, almost

– But A is really twisted She rips out the throat of the prince to get her voice back which makes sense in this twisted world that you enjoy living in I want it to be B but I'm gonna guess A She rips out the throat – You should have gone with your instincts, Link it is B, she refuses to murder the prince and is turned to sea foam! So kids remember, when you're swimming in the ocean you're actually swimming in dead mermaid

(crew laughing) Link it all comes down to – I will remember that – It all comes down to this question Your future with that frog is gonna be determined by your answer to this question – He doesn't want this either

– No I think he's trying to get at ya Are these bedtime stories making you sleepy yet? Who else is sleepy? Sleeping beauty, the blandest Disney princess But the original Giambattista Basile version is anything but bland How does the original Sleeping Beauty tale resolve? A, the king burns his wife so that he can marry Sleeping Beauty instead B, the queen is so jealous of Sleeping Beauty that she attempts to cook and serve Sleeping Beauty's children to the king

C, Sleeping Beauty marries the king even though he took advantage of her in her sleep Or D, all of the above – All the above? (crew laughing) D is usually a joke (Rhett chuckles) – Usually! – If this is all the above, that ain't funny, man This is, man what are the kids how did the kids even survive back then? – This is how I keep my children now

– I'm trying to think of all three could be possible at once could you burn the wife? And then after, she attempts to cook and serve Sleeping Beauty's children That would make sense that you can justify burning her if she tried to kill the kids I don't wanna touch the frog! D, all of the above – You sure? – No I'm not sure, but that's my answer – You're right, Link, it's D! – Yes! – All that twisted stuff happens in Sleeping Beauty and also, Sleeping Beauty was never really asleep she was woke AF

(crew laughing) – Okay – Okay – Get rid of this I am so happy, look he's jumping towards you, man Look, you're fine with touching a frog? – Not really

– I'm told he's slimy and that he could potentially have a disease called cock-diddla – Help! (Rhett exclaiming) Oh look at him – Kissy, kissy, kissy! – Where have you been all my life? (Link exclaims) (crew laughs) – Hi Chase! – Hey, Rhett! (link laughs) – I'm not even gonna ask Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

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