5 Disgusting Things People Do On Planes

( music playing ) Once upon a time, flying on a plane was considered a civilized, genteel activity People would come looking dapper in suits and dresses and had four-course meals

They also crashed a lot more Mm-hm, so in our modern era, we have traded up in flight safety but traded down in style and class Modern flights are full of ungodly horrors that remind you constantly that human man is the most disgusting beast of all So today we're going to play a game where, Rhett, you have to guess what horrible thing is happening on a plane It's time for

A little movie reference Yeah All right, I'm going to show you a partially blacked out image of– taken on a flight– – Okay? – Okay

And then I'm gonna give you multiple choice options You're gonna have to guess what is happening that is shameful on this plane If you get three or more right, you win these travel-friendly compression socks – Oh, wow, yeah – Touch 'em

I've been having lots of clots It's a very clotty day for me You can't keep them, but you can hold them right there – Okay – It just– It keeps the blood from pooling – in the bottom

– You don't want that You don't want the blood pooling Okay, first up, we all know time spent on a plane is monotonous People chose to either read a book, watch a movie, or listen to a podcast, but what did this guy choose to do? Oh, gosh Mm-hm A, did he choose to

( laughing ) Uh, vomiting up a snake Not a euphemism for anything I feel like I would see the flute protruding

if it were a flute 'cause flutes protrude That's one of the things they're good at You know what I love about a flute? The way it protrudes Corn on the cob would not be served on the plane You'd have to bring that in your own baggy, which I wouldn't put it past this guy

– Nope – But I think he's trimming his beard with scissors, something I've thought about at times, on planes

A All right, remove the censorship Oh, that's a flute It's not protruding! He is a flautist, man And remember

In the event of an emergency, make sure your blow your own flute before blowing other people's flutes Right Also, in the event of an emergency, save this guy last You know what? He plays you out as you're all about to die, just like on the Titanic I want a flute solo right before I go

All right, so this might be tougher than you thought, huh? Yeah, because the flute didn't protrude Next we've got a restless cabin member What is he doing? Is it We have video proof Oh, this will become a video? – This'll become video – Oh, wow Okay That's a hint

Use it as you will Well, it makes C possible, yelling at a baby to be quiet – Mm-hm – It makes C possible Golly

He looks like he's in a vigorous air-humping, hip-thrusting posture 'Cause I, you know, from time to time, will do that on a plane 'cause a big man like me– You have no room to hip thrust No, no, the problem is is that you lose your flexibility, but with a hip thrust, your knees stay in the same place and so you actually– you actually have more room than you think Is he– Is he done? That's one of the ways for big men like me to keep from clotting – when you don't have compression socks – Is he done? something I won't have to worry about anymore

– But I think– – Is he seated? I think he's yelling at a baby I think he's yelling at a baby All right, let's find out – Rhett: Oh, gosh – Link: Those, sir, are hip thrusts

– Look at this guy – Oh, wow, yeah Who knew they had that type of VR on a plane now I should've known Hold on

You think he's– Is he doing it to the rhythm of what he's listening to? Yeah, he just joined the mile-high club all by himself Maybe he misunderstands what the back of that seat is for Yeah, Virgin Airlines has to change their name now Oh, wow Oh, gosh

Okay You've gotta get the next three right in order to have a chance of getting these socks, man Okay, when you step on a plane, you're given a few key amenities– a light that shines on other people when they're trying to sleep, a scratchy blanket, and an ineffective personal fan I've got someone trying to use a seat feature in a creative way What are these outstretched hands up to? Is it

Hm, that'd be a little baby A newborn with a lot of hair Interesting

If you're cooling down a tuna sandwich in that way, you're also, like, dispersing the smell of tuna around the cabin, which– That's never stopped anybody I gotta say as much as I have hated people before for opening up fish meals, not too recently I had a tuna sandwich, a tuna melt, on a plane – You did? – Yeah And as I was breaking it out, I was like, "Oh, no, I'm that guy" Did you hold it up to the– And I hated myself for it

So you think that's what's happening here, too? – Make you feel better? – No No Uh– So what is it? I don't know, that's be a little piece– that'd be a little underwear, too I don't know Sure, tuna s– No

Tuna smell? Tuna Yeah, tuna All right, remove it That is a pair of underwear Rhett: Ugh, gosh

They're dispersing the smell of that underwear around, too – Uh – Oh, wow

It's probably effective, though I'm going to go for the negative queen sweep now I know You have to – I get to keep these

– Yep Congratulations Can wear it kind of like a scarf now All right All right, I wanna focus on things passengers left behind

What did this flight attendant discover, that is being held up? Is it a clear baggy filled with ( chuckling ) Oh Interesting products, that Goop

Would she hold up a bag of human urine without a glove? I've been in a situation before where I needed to pee, and then they're like, "You can't get up, sir, because it's too late" I just, like, reabsorbed it You know how you can do that? You, like, find your second bladder? You got a second bladder? I don't know Sometimes you gotta pee real bad, and then you, like, concentrate and I feel like it just goes into another bubble somewhere – Oh, wow

– Yeah But I can see if you don't have that special ability, you would pee in a bag – So I'm gonna say snake skin – Okay He's saying snake skin to intentionally get it wrong

Let's see if he's successful at being wrong Yes, that is human urine And I guess you're right Sometimes you'd rather not tap a person on the shoulder You'd just rather pee in a bag right beside them

– You know? – Yeah, right, yeah You don't wanna inconvenience anybody Who's to say that you knew that bag was going to be big enough? That's the thing I always worry about when I'm peeing in a bag Is this bag big enough? Yep, that would be a lot of pee Okay, Rhett, for the negative queen sweep, we've got an elderly woman seated in front of a passenger who snapped this photo

What was poking over the top of the seat? Was it Oh, wow Mm, all of these would be fun

And I'm looking at the caption here, "so confused right now with this old lady in front of me" – Mm-hm – Mm-hm Okay, I feel like you wouldn't talk about a ferret– You wouldn't– You know what a ferret is doing 'cause you can see it, so that wouldn't confuse you I feel like the correct answer is A, the flexibility, but I'm going to go with B 'cause I feel like it's incorrect, for the negative queen sweep

Okay, let's find out – Yes Good gosh, look at tha– – Rhett: Yes Holy what? Oh, whoa That is crazy

I mean, bloop and then spreads them Golly They say senior homes are rife with STDs – Yes – I'm now beginning to understand why

Uh-huh Maybe she's doing FaceTime with somebody on the other ( chuckles ) I don't know

That's not the face Okay, Rhett, so you have the negative queen sweep – Whoo! – Congratulations – You get– You don't– – I get whipped? You get whooped by the compression socks – Yeah, but I get to keep those

– I'll wear them as a scarf All right, listen Be decent on a plane, people Come on And thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing

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