5 Crazy Vintage Commercials (GAME)

( crew laughing ) ( music plays ) Today we're gonna play a game where I get to watch some vintage commercials – That's right

– But these aren't just any old commercials I'm told these ads are cheesy and awful I told him that In other words, they're awfully cheesy Well, that wasn't other words

Those are just the same words, but inverted Here's how this is gonna work I'm gonna show you a clip or clips from a vintage commercial – Yep – I'm gonna show you parts where it's not immediately obvious what's being sold, because that is your task, Rhett

You have to guess what product is being sold If you get three or more of these correct, you win one of the products being advertised Ooh, I love products And you gon' want it Yo, let's kick this off back in 1992, yo

Yo, that's why you said, "Yo," yo – Hit it – Aw, yeah, girl! ( laughs ) Okay, I got a lot to go on All right, I'm not gonna give you much Is this an ad for

A, a knock-off version of Hammer pants, B, a cologne called Rap Musk, C, a beer called Hip Hops IPA – What? – or, D, a new post-insult relief cream called Sick Burn? Oh, that would've been ahead of its time Right

– Ahem – What do you think, Rhett? Did she say, "Aw, yeah, girl"? – She did – Aw, yeah, girl She said, "Girl," okay So, maybe she's selling this to girls

What are girls into? In 1992? I don't know if girls would be into Rap Musk Unless you're gonna buy it for your boy Hmm Girls wouldn't want the IPA beer I'm making all kinds of generalizations and getting in trouble for it

Girls can love IPA I'm just trying to figure out what was the tar– the marketing people were thinking Haters gonna hate Uh, I think this is a knock-off version of Hammer pants, man All right, A

Let's reveal the answer via the ad itself ♪ Gonna tell you about a fresh new spray ♪ ♪ And, girlfriend, the name of this game is Rap Musk ♪ ♪ This is something fresh in your hand ♪ ♪ And just take a spray of the hype, Rap Musk ♪ ♪ Rap Musk, it's so hype ♪ ♪ I got it right here, you can wear it tonight ♪ – Yeah! – Oh, you got me Rap Musk! Look at that It's got the hat on sideways Have you already used half of it? – Yeah – What you been doing? You been musking it up? It's pretty great

Do you want a little– Yeah, spray into the air – Uh– uh– – Rap Musk done broke We're gonna have to get at it another way, my friend You have to get three right I'll just pour it all over my body

You did not get that one right It's endorsed by Flava Flav's sister, Smella Smell Next up, this 1985 ad is out of this world, Rhett Oh, yoo-hoo Woman: Jimmy, get the door

– It must be Cousin Willie – Okay Hi Cousin Willie? ( imitates woman ) It might be Cousin Willie ( imitates woman ) Cousin Willie

( normal voice ) 'Cause every time you've got a cousin, you put "cousin" in front of their name when you refer to them Um, this is referred to as the "Cousin Willie ad" For what product? Is it Reese's Pieces? Mars Bar? Underoos? Or NASA's Underoos rip-off featuring Uranus? – Get it? – Mm Yeah, you're talking about crotchless underwear – Well, buttless underwear

– Yeah What do you think? Now, I remember seeing this ad – This does have a– this feels familiar – Back in '85 This doesn't feel like an underwear commercial

– This definitely feels– – Look at that look on his face It feels like a candy commercial And Reese's Pieces had a thing with ET, right? So maybe Mars was trying to get in on that extraterrestrial connection to candy So I'm gonna say B, Mars Bar All right, let's find out

Want some? It's a little blue guy with big ears He wants to share his Reese's Pieces Woman: Reese's Pieces? But, Mom, you've got to see this little blue guy Look! Cousin Willie? Oh, of course That's what always happens

So, you got it wrong It was Reese's Pieces But you know what? Don't be too hard on this ad It was from back in the '80s, before acting Ah, yeah

I remember those days Rhett, you're not doing too good Do you want this or not? – Well, I– – Do you want the Rap Musk? I don't think I need Rap Musk in my life This next ad is actually from the stone age Announcer: One of the wildest species ever to stalk this planet was the human animal

– Oh, wow – Oh, face off Yeah, that's what I used to do – The human animal – When I saw the ladies, I'd crouch

– You're off the market – They'd crouch right back at me That's how Jessie and I first made eye contact We made eye contact and we crouched, and we've been together ever since Mm-hmm

Then what? We did other things after crouching Is this an ad foror FarmersOnlycom This is strange, because I've never heard of Danner hiking boots

You ever heard of primitive farming? – Uh, yeah – Yeah But I've never heard of Danner hiking boots until, like, two days ago, I found myself looking at Danner hiking boots on the internet, and now they're in this game What are the chances? That's weird! 100% It can't be another cologne with musk in it, can it? It probably could be, actually

I think it is another cologne I think this is Coty Wild Musk Cologne All right, let's find out Announcer: Wild Musk Oil for her, Coty Musk Cologne for him One touch bears a thousand quivers

Coty Wild Musk– use it before you stalk It's amazing how similar that is to that first time We crouched, and then she touched me, – and I moved away – Yeah, you just moved back You gotta play hard to get

I thought you said, "Hannah Hart, what?" Uh, Hannah Hart was not involved All right, so you finally got one right Let's see another ( music playing ) ( whistling ) – Yeah, buddy – Yep

"Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm glad I work here" Is this a commercial foror irritable bowel syndrome? First of all, if you're excited about, you know– if you're being visually stimulated, as they call it, just keep it to yourself Don't– Don't be so obvious with it, you know? – Tone it down a little bit

– Oh, gosh Yeah, what an idiot I think I remember this commercial – Oh, you do, do you? – It's either– It's either Nair or Aquafresh Hair remover– It seems like you'd show– – Hair

– That area if you're talking about– No– Aquafresh I think all the ladies turn around and they all have big hair What do you mean "that area"? – The lower body Hair remover – Okay

– Like, for the legs – Okay I'm gonna go with C, Aquafresh All right, let's see if he's right – ( music playing ) ( whistling ) ♪ Who wears short shorts? ♪ ♪ We wear short shorts ♪ ♪ If you dare wear short shorts ♪ ♪ Nair for short shorts ♪ I saw a lot of lower body

( crew laughing ) – Doing this – I do remember that I should've gone with my instincts – It does sometimes – I can't– My instincts, and that's why I've got Rap Musk

– No, you don't have it – Stevie: Also, Aquafresh is a toothpaste – Did I say Aquafresh? – Yeah, you said Aquafresh You said they'd have big hair Oh, Aqua Net! I was thinking Aqua Net

Oh! I didn't know what he was talking about – You were thinking I was crazy for a second – Yeah – I just thought you were– – Aqua Net! ( groans ) – Okay – The old Aqua Net, Aquafresh mix-up

As long as it doesn't happen in the bathroom All right, lastly, let's visit a park in 1987 – You want to? – Yeah, but I can't win the Rap Musk – So I have no motivation – All right, you know what? – If you get this one right, – Yeah

I will spritz you with my Rap Musk Oh, spritz me! – Mike, wake up! Wake up! – Please get up Oh, gosh ( imitates woman ) Wake up! Wake up! Is that Cousin Willie again? Cousin Willie at the park Is this a commercial for

Ensure nutrition drink, – or euthanasia – Oh, gosh Oh, I have no comment about euthanasia – Um– – Smells– It smells rhythmic Ensure nutrition drink seems too on the nose

That man is on a skateboard Why would she put a man– an old man on a skateboard and be telling him to wake up? Because he needs a new pair of jeans? I don't think so Uh, I think he needs a Klondike Bar Let's watch the whole– Let's watch it Okay

No! Announcer: Jordache Basics – What happened to him? – He's been hurt – Is is awake? – Yeah, I think so – No, he's probably drunk – We have to get help! – I don't think we should move him

– Leave him down – We just saw him! – Yeah, leave him down Give me your jacket – Hurry! Hurry! – Mike, wake up! – Wake up! – Please, get up – Do something

– What are you gonna do? – He's an old man – Call somebody ( girl murmuring ) Is he gonna be all right? No! He's not going to be all right None of you are going to be all right This is not all right

Wearing Jordache is a mistake to begin with What? I have no explanation, and I am no longer all right – No – That was just plain weird, but I do wanna wear denim – All right, Rhett

– Let me spray it on you You can– Well, try 'Cause you won – Here it comes – Not gonna work

– Oh, it goes– – No, didn't go down It smells– You can smell a little bit of it It smells good You didn't win– It smells exactly like my grandma, Mama Nell – Boy, we had– Yeah, she– – Did Mama Nell wear Rap Musk – all those years? – I think she did

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