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– That's the sperm – Oh! Wait, can you eat sea urchin sperm? – I'm sure you can, yeah

– Do you eat sea urchin sperm? (all laughing) (funky music) We got fresh ones You have this super soft, caky bun – It's very soft – And then that gets the inner play with the super crispy texture and then there's just fatty rush of acid from all that gobby tatar sauce – I'm not really getting any of the cheese

I don't know why they have that– – The cheese gets lost You don't even need it They do it for aesthetics So, we gotta figure out ways to fancy this up – [Chase] Right, yeah

– And the cheese really gets lost in here – Yeah, I'd like to taste the cheese – And I think what we can do is take fresh sea urchin, the gonads of the purple, spiky nightmare creature (Chase laughs) And I want to infuse it into the cheese and really make that pop You've scuba dived at least six times? – Yeah, nine times

– Nine times? – Yeah – My initial plan was to take you in a wetsuit, in scuba gear, and just throw you into the ocean – [Chase] Yeah – But, turns out the insurance would be too much and it could, quote, result in death or bodily harm – I'm not that experienced, yeah

– So, we're not doing that anymore We're gonna go to Maruhide Marine Products in Long Beach They supply uni to all the best sushi restaurants And so, we're gonna get directly from them We're gonna get some live sea urchin and we're gonna put it in our fancy sandwich

– Yeah, that sounds a little bit easier – [Josh] Mark, how's it going? I'm Josh – Nice to meet ya, Mark – Nice to meet you, Chase – Chase, nice to meet you

– Thank you so much for having us – Yeah at your lovely facility It's a beautiful morning in Long Beach – [Mark] Absolutely – Have you ever seen anyone, hypothetically, not that I'm doing this, infuse uni into American cheese and then say, hypothetically again, put that on a $300 Filet-O-Fish sandwich? – That might be the first

– Okay – And I'm actually really excited to see what the final product is – Original content, baby – Nice – That's what we do

– Original, right I'm excited to get down to it I'm excited to start cracking shells, man – Right on (laughs) – [Josh] Holy crap, this is incredible

– It's like a video game I'm really bad at – [Mark] There you go – Whoa, there we go, just toss 'em in? – [Mark] Yep, and then toss them in – [Chase] Do it right there? – [Josh] What's the white stuff coming out of the top? – That's the sperm – Oh, wait, can you eat sea urchin sperm? – I'm sure you can, yeah

– Do you eat sea urchin sperm? – I (laughs) – Uh oh, I really stabbed too far into that one – So, just so you know, if you do crack the roe in half, the price also goes – [Chase] Oh, wow – Am I just losing you money right now? – Pretty much, yeah, but it's all right

Do you want to to to the next station? – Let's do it – Okay – All right – Come on this way There's five roe sacks

– [Josh] Oh, really? – [Chase] Five for every one? – So he has four nipples – Okay – Which is two more than people are supposed to have – That's very true – Yeah

And one less than me, so, you know, we're all right This is the stage where we actually select the premium grade uni from a thousand pounds of raw material Right now, we're probably getting about five trays of the premium – Only sold to top of the line customers like ourselves – Absolutely

– Like people with the most skill – Only for you two, exactly You guys wanna try that out? – All right – It's one of those products where the flavor is expediential in your mouth for what you're actually consuming I don't know if you feel the same way

– I just thought it was sweet and salty – So, this is the premium uni, this is the best of the best – Says it right there – Premium sea urchin, best of the best, it says it right there – Yeah

– So, this is actually the uni that you guys cracked – [Both] Oh, really? – What? – This looks way better than I thought – Yeah, I thought we were doing terribly Turns out we're awesome at this – Yeah, good job! – Boom

– Not all of them, though – Take it back, reverse it (Mark laughs) – [Mark] We retail this at a hundred, actually – Wow, oh my god – Hundred bucks! – This is for you guys and this as well

– Aw, we get pets to take home! This one's Rhett and then the uglier one is Link Mark, thank you so much for having us, man – Absolutely, thank you – Yeah, thank you – All right, we got all our uni, now we gotta start building the Filet-O-Fish

So, this is king crab legs We're gonna use that for our Filet-O-Fish patty We also have lobster tail, langoustines, – [Chase] Which is the shrimp – It's not a shrimp, it's a langoustine – (laughs) But that looks like a shrimp

– [Josh] It looks like a shrimp, it's not – The color of a shrimp – It's a langoustine If I say it's a langoustine, I can use– – But what is a langoustine? – It's, okay, it's like a, it's a shrimp And then we got other shrimp, we have blue different shrimp

Blue because of what they feed it – Blueberries – They don't feed the shrimp, maybe they do feed the shrimp blueberries Then we got a whole branzino, right here We're gonna filet that

For the buns, we're gonna do jet black squid ink brioche – It is fancy, yeah – [Josh] And then what do you think that is? – This is Slim Jim, fish Slim Jim – You're not as wrong as I wish you were – It's called bottarga, we're gonna shave that into the tartar sauce

Then we're also gonna chop up pickled sea fennel – I don't know what regular fennel is – It's from Greece, really awesome product, gonna be great in the sauce – That's cool – And then, we have the uni that we helped pack or lost the company a lot of money

This is caviar from Petrossian in Beverly Hills, they're the best caviar purveyor – It's from Paris – The other word says Petrossian but Paris is just to make them sound fancy and it worked 'cause I gave them a lot of money for that small tin of caviar Should add a lot of complexity to our McDonald's tartar sauce I'm gonna have you on langoustine and shrimp duty

– So, shrimp and shrimp duty? – Also known as shrimp and shrimp duty So once it's peeled, you're gonna take a knife and you're gonna run it down the back It's not shrimp You're gonna run it down the back It's this little vein, right here

– Oh, no, like caca – Yeah, it's shrimp poo And then you're just gonna scrape the shrimp poo out So I need you to do that with all of these shrimp and langoustines which are not shrimp There's a bunch of poo in this lobster! – Everybody poops, you know

– Except me – [Chase] You don't poop? – [Josh] Nope – Is that why you're so firm? Building up from the inside – Filled with poo from the inside Now, all I need is a hammer to bash up these crabs

Nicole, hammer me! Oh my god Do it like that, so the handle is coming at me Hammer! Act like you've been here before Now we gotta take all this fish and we have to hack it into our patty (knife hitting board) – Is there a reason you're using the big knife? – Yeah! (knife hitting board) You wanna give it a try? – Yeah! – I got you your own little baby guy

Bagel arc, that's great (both laughing) We're gonna lay it on here We actually need to freeze it before we fry it I know it seems like sacrilege to freeze this beautiful product – I never do that

– I love how you curved your finger towards the blade when you wiped off the fish, that's really smart – This is not going into all one Filet-O-Fish, right? – No, we're only gonna be using about a third of this – (laughs) Okay, so why did we do so much? – I don't know why I do the things I do So we need to go ahead and throw this into the freezer for it to set up and we should probably just Lysol our entire bodies down – I'll Lysol you if you Lysol me

– Deal Oh, hey there, I'm sorry to interrupt the most amazing food show that's ever existed on the internet, Except for Hot Ones, but if you wanna see more amazing food shows staring yours truly, please subscribe to the Mythical YouTube channel If enough people subscribe I'll get to make more shows Make sure to click that little bell to get notifications because you never know what I'll be up to next But that little bell knows

It knows everything So now we need to take this beautiful uni and we're gonna make our homemade American cheese with it So Chase, go ahead and just dump the cheese in there American cheese is really just an emulsification of cheese with other dairy products You are going to dump in that gelatin, so that's actually gonna help it all firm up

And then we're just gonna dump in salt If you wanna dump in those two – Yeah – That is milk powder and cream of tartar I'm gonna dump in – All right

– our hot milk in there – Why milk powder and milk? – I don't ask you stupid questions (blender whirring) And now throw eight things of uni in there – Okay, one, two, three – What funny is it's actually gonna turn it the color of American cheese

– Five, six, seven – Seven – Eight – Eight uni, okay All right, and that's gonna look very liquidy now

But the gelatin in there, once it cools down, is actually going to get it to seize right up – [Chase] American cheese normally isn't so bubbly – American cheese also doesn't have the bunch of genitals of spiky nightmare creatures in it We're gonna put this in the fridge and it's gonna solidify into beautiful cheese slices, and then we're gonna slap that on to our fish patty – To make the buns you gotta use these cheese cubes

You mix in some of this black jello This is urchin powder Is any of this right? – You got it right that we're making buns – Oh, cool! – So, we're gonna take some warm water and we're gonna add that with milk And then we have sugar

What'd you call this? – I said urchin powder – Urchin powder – Yeah – That would be really cool if we could get that, but that is yeast This is squid ink

– Like black tapioca – Just like black tapioca, take a bite Oh no, you did it, I was kidding! I forgot that he's a simpleton All right, back to cooking So you're just gonna go ahead and you're gonna take this and you're gonna whisk it together

– That was so bad – And that's gonna let the yeast bloom Oh god, oh god! Dump that in there – Careful – So then we're gonna put our salt into the flour and now we're just gonna pour this in

And then you need to start incorporating butter The key to brioche is precision Butter the bowl, so it doesn't stick Yeah, just spin it Yeah, feel like Skrillex, the DJ, this is what he does

And then, we're just gonna put that in there and then we're gonna cover it with a wet towel and then we're gonna let it proof – What does that mean? – It needs to prove its worth to us As we try and just degrade it to its face – You suck! – I think you're just okay I'm not good at this

Chase, you have a very important job to finish this brioche You're gonna crack that egg into that bowl and then you're gonna whisk it with a fork – And you gotta do it with one hand to prove my dominance? – Yeah, that's true – Okay, cool – Let's see how you do it

That's great You left a little on the table but that's fine This is probably enough to house three normal Filets-O-Fish or as we learned the plural is just – Filet-O-Fish – Filet-O-Fish, yeah

– Thank you, random McDonald's worker – He's not random to himself – That's true – He probably has a cool life – Thanks, Jeremy

– And then, these are just gonna go in the oven at about 375, I'll take them out and they should be nice and golden black So we gotta make our tartar sauce This is the only condiment McDonald's uses on the Filet-O-Fish Theirs is probably just mayonnaise, citric acid, and pickles Ours is gonna be a little bit more than that

You have the very important task of just opening the caviar I'm gonna go ahead and spoon my mayonnaise So this is the cured roe sack of a mullet You know what, it kinda tastes like a Slim Jim – Do you know how to open this? – Yeah, you're doing great

(Chase laughs) And then we're just gonna squeeze a little bit of lemon in there Then what we have here, it's called sea fennel How are you doing on the caviar? – Coming Is it one of those beer bottle tricks? – Yeah, open it with your eye socket Did that work? – No, it did nothing

– Just as soon as you get that open You did it! So, these are mother of pearl spoons, it's the only material you're supposed to let touch caviar If you use metal, it alters the taste, and we are fancy boys – But it's in a metal tin – Don't question me

And so we're just gonna dump all of that So now whereas McDonald's tartar sauce gets a little crunch of the pickles, ours is getting it from caviar Now all we gotta do, fry the fish, assemble our sandwich, we're good to go So here's our beautiful hand packed Filet-O-Fish patties right here – That is gorgeous

– I'm just gonna cut this in half and then we're gonna get them dredged – You said thirds – I say a lot of things, we're gonna cut in in half, executive decision We're gonna dredge that in our flour, our egg wash and then this is actually panko bread crumbs – Right

– That have been blended up with bonito flakes They're like Frosted Flakes, they're mmmade from fermented skipjack tuna This is furikake, it's a Japanese – Furikake? – seasoning they put on rice, it's really big in Hawaii, also So, it's got a ton of sesame, MSG and seaweed in there, if you just wanna give that a spoon stir – Yeah, like whisking? – Yeah, little bit slower

– Josh, this is a giant patty – It's like the old adage, any pizza is a personal pizza if you're sad enough (Chase laughs) – So now we're just gonna – Gotcha – get that in our panko and that's gonna go in the fryer at 325 degrees for about six minutes until it turns golden brown All right, so this is looking great, nice and golden brown

We're just gonna pull it out – That looks delicious – Thank you And so now we just have to build our sandwich, slice and toast those buns, get the cheese on, get some sauce and we're ready to feast – Yeah, I'm lovin' it

– So we're gonna put our beautiful black bun there and then we're gonna take our mother of pearl spoons Again, no other material except for apparently glass and the metal tin it was in (laughs) can touch caviar Yeah – This is really good – Yeah, it's probably 'cause it cost $300

The cheese is going to, look how floppy it is, that's what the gelatin gets you – I mean that definitely is very American cheesy – Right? – That's good – And there's a lot of uni in there (Josh smacking lips) – You make the worst sounds with your mouth

(Josh slurping) – And there is our fancy Filet-O-Fish (Chase wolf whistling) I think it's appropriate, I would eat this for a single meal – It's bigger than the box for the Filet-O-Fish (laughs) – It's not like, that big I think this is just like an appetite thing, 'cause again, this to me is not an unreasonable meal

– It's literally bigger than this box – It would fit in that box, ish – This one is like a tiny hat It's like the Josh size Filet-O-Fish and the Chase size Filet-O-Fish (laughs) – All right, let's see how this bad boy is looking on the inside

– [Chase] Yeah, that looks really good – The black buns are really doing something Aw, cute baby! – Aw – Take a bite of this – All right

Once again, you can't taste the cheese, hardly at all – Cheese gets lost – [Chase] It's much heftier – So much heftier, you actually see all the different seafood products in there, if you're gonna smash it down, you see the cheese oozing out – That is really good

– You get an ocean's worth of flavor There's so much seafood flavor coming through, there's no escaping, even if you wanted to – The creaminess of the cheese, a lot more than you get in this at all – The cheese certainly does not get lost in this, and again, that's 60 bucks worth of uni just shoved in there – Oh yeah, so that's 60 bucks, how much was the rest of this all together? (laughs) – So the total with all that caviar in there is $379

34 (both laughing) I'm lovin' it – It works really well – I didn't even, I literally just meant I'm lovin' it, not the McDonald's slogan I just meant I like this much – This is very simple, but I thought it was gonna be really hard to beat

And this did it This is better – All right, let me know in the comments what fast food you want me to fancify next And thank you so much for watching and supporting and if you wanna keep supporting, subscribe to the Mythical YouTube channel, if we get enough subscribers I can keep making awesome food content like this I'll see you next time

(bossa nova music)

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