30-Year-Old Soda Taste Test

– It's got some bite to it, y'all (dramatic music) – Studies show that if you're from the Mid Western part of the United States, you call it pop

From the South, you call it all Coke and if you're from everywhere else you call it soda Whatever you call it, we're drinking it today because it's time for To Be Discontinued Soda edition – All right we are gonna be taste testing some discontinued soda's that we bought on eBay which means they are aged, vintage or probably horrible – Right

– We will then judge whether we should bring it back or say, nah that's whack, leave it discontinued – Yes okay – Let's get to the first one – Yeah first up, Coca Cola introduced Vault in 2005 it was a citrus soda energy drink hybrid and we have acquired the zero calorie version Vault Zero We paid $24 for two disfigured bottles

– Dang! – This is one of them They have been warped over time This is what happens to Vault as it ages Negative pressure – The bottle is just choking the beverage

– Now this may explain it 'cause in 2006 Vault Zero was reformulated in response to a lawsuit over allegations that the ingredients in Vault Zero had the potential in certain circumstances to combine to form carcinogenic compounds The expiration date on our bottles is November of 2006 – [Link] What the crap? – So you've got 12 years of well-aged carcinogenic compounds – I'm so thirsty all of a sudden All right

So man I feel like I need to be careful when I open it – You're not gonna get cancer by opening it You gotta drink it to do that – No I think that the bottle is gonna go and then it's gonna

– Well we'll see, make those sound effects when you do it – Okay let's see – Okay No it's gotten negative pressure It's pulling things into it

– Oh gosh – It's permanently warped It's not popping back out – It's coming out, nope, permanently warped Okay

– I've been really watching my figure so I only drink diet carcinogenic compounds Really glad that we got the Zero version – Pour yourself some of this – It's nice and cold! (sighs) Okay, looks like Mello Yello or Mountain Dew but almost has a more neon Almost like something that Ninja Turtles would have had to dispose of

– Yeah, radioactive It's very citrus-y, no surprise there – It smells like cleaner – It would taste less like cleaner if it was carbonated – It has a Powerade, a very Powerade-y taste to it

– Right To me it tastes fine I think I'm going with the packaging whether it should be brought back or not for this one – [Rhett] Oh okay – 'Cause that's pretty cool man, look at that V

It's got a V on it Zero V, Zero That's what they should call it when they bring it back in V Zero – I don't think they're bringing it back again – V Zero, no it's up to us

– Oh don't say that – If we say it's gonna be brought back they're gonna bring it back – I think there's just too many products similar to this that don't necessarily cause cancer they just might cause cancer – That's a good point – You know, you don't wanna know for sure that you're getting cancer

You wanna know that there's a chance you're getting cancer – True – So because of that – [Both] Nah, that's whack – Back in 1994 Starbucks released Mazagran Spiced Coffee Soda

Now we paid $6778 for this drink In this collectible bottle that expired in 1996 (Rhett chuckles) – The year we graduated from high school! – The eBay seller described this soda as quote "a mint, unopened extremely rare pre-frappucino "brand bottle of Starbucks Mazagran Spiced Coffee Soda "This was the very first ready-to-drink consumer tested "but not nationally released item "in Starbucks brand history

"I wouldn't recommend opening or attempting to drink "the contents of this collectible bottle" You know what we should do? We should open and drink – [All] The contents of this collectible bottle – Yep! – [Link] There was some fizz – Oh there was, just a teeny

Oh just a teeny – Let me – Smell that! Mazagran! – Wow – Mazagran – Carbonated coffee

Pour it, I'm pretty – I never smelled Mazagran before – Excited about this – Until now! – [Link] Come on, where's your form? – Oh look at that, it still got bubbles – Yeah it's got a head on it

– That's quite, that's some strong carbonation Look at that, it's still there – From 1996 That was back when Starbucks were only on every other corner – Right, I remember those days

– All right Dink it – Has a chocolate-y smell to it – Oh it really does – Maybe it turned into chocolate

– That's odd It's like holiday-ish to me – That's a good thing! It's good I don't find anything off-putting about this at all I might drink the whole bottle when no-one's watching

– Think there's pudding in it? Now, am I crazy – I don't know why I'm holding my glass like this – Am I crazy? We've had carbonated coffee on the show Try it before you can buy it – And it tastes a lot like this

– Yeah, but this has a vanilla taste – This tastes better than the one we made – [Link] This is good! – [All] Bring it back! – Next up we've got one I never remember hearing about 7 Up Gold Not even the touch of King Midas could have saved this soda failure developed by Doctor Pepper

It launched and was also discontinued in 1988 We paid $1652 for this bottle that expired in May of 1989 – Dang This is an old soda, man

(Rhett chuckles) – Yeah it is – We were 10 years old which means you weren't born – I was 12 actually in '89, you were probably 11 – No '88 when it first came out It expires in '89

– [Rhett] Okay, yeah – 7 Up Gold Made by Dr Pepper – It doesn't look gold, it looks

– Black – Was it gold at one point? – Maybe it's – This is cinnamon flavored – This may be some of the oldest soda ever consumed on the internet and you're here for it

– Absolutely no carbonation left I'm telling you, those Mazagran people they got something figured out I don't know how they kept that carbonation in there for 30 years but they did Or 20 years, however many years it was Oh wow

– Smells caramel-y, but kind of rancid – That doesn't smell like something you should drink It smells like something that– – Medicinal – Yeah – But again, if there's– – Smells like a biproduct of a process

You know what I'm saying? – Let's taste it, dink it, drink it – Oh the cinnamon – Cinnamon, you're right – [Rhett] Oh spicy – Comes late

– Oh! – Comes late but it, I mean it's flat, gotta get past that – I think my guess is that this bottle achieved some sort of stasis, like 20 years ago and it's just been exactly the same since then and it will forever taste this way because it just tastes like flat soda It doesn't taste like something spoiled or bacteria got in there or anything It just tastes like old soda that you could tell somebody was trying something that definitely had no chance of working – But the cinnamon-y quality is like

– [All] Subtle – Subtle cinnamon, that's what they should've called it – A subtle surprise – Subtle cinnamon from 7 Up – I think it needs to come back just because that slogan is so good

7 Up with a subtle cinnamon surprise – Surprise! Yeah – So should we bring it back? – [All] Yeah, let's bring it back! – Following the release of 2008's Mountain Dew Raspberry Citrus Voltage infused with Ginseng – You remember that? – That's a mouthful They released this diet version, bring it in, Rhett

In 2011, now we paid $2620 including shipping for this can which expired in June of 2011 – [All] Diet Mountain Dew, Voltage Raspberry Citrus Diet Dew – [Link] With other natural flavors

– It's got Diet Dew on it twice just in case you forgot what it was when you started reading that really long title Let's put it at the end too, they'll forget it's diet – I mean this is a niche soda, man Let's pour it Now there's rumors floating around that even though it is certainly discontinued in America that there's some place on earth this is still sold and we started, oh it's got some effervescence

– It's got some fizz, got some fizz – We reached out – [Rhett] Oh it's blue! – To Mountain Dew in all different countries and the only place that responded was Mountain Dew Australia which told us that they did not sell it in Australia So now we know it's not there – Look at that, that is beautiful

– Low cal too – Love drinking stuff that looks unnatural – It's cool, got a cool can, man – Oh smell it This has got all of its initial properties

– Very candy-ish It smells like a sour treat – Sour treat, Sour Patch – Sour Patch Kids – It's like Sour Patch Kids blood

– Drink it The blood of Sour Patch Kids – You cut the head off a Sour Patch Kid, this is what you get – Drain it It's nice to experience carbonation again in this episode

Boy, it's got some bite to it y'all – I think it just needs a couple extra words in its name then I'd like it You know, if they gave me just some more descriptors in the name, I'd be all over it It's not bad – You know what

It tastes like a fizzy melted – [All] Freezer pop – I just wanted to make it look like I knew what you were saying – But now that you actually heard me say it – Freezer pop

It's not bad – You know like a melted – [All] Blue Chilly Willy – Yeah – Does it or does it not? – It's not bad, honestly it's not bad

– The flavor is kind of weak though – I think it's just the flavor has died a little bit over the past couple of years, you know? This particular one is like six or seven years old? – Yeah – So I think that this could work I mean I don't drink this kind of drink anymore but if I did make decisions to drink this kind of drink I'd drink this kind of drink, I'd drink this drink – Voltage

Bring it back! – So there you have it, three out of four of our sodas are making a comeback – Yeah! – We'd like them to! – Thanks to us And thanks to you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Molly from England and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Click the bottom link to watch this episode from the beginning – And click the top link to watch us taste some sodas that have been mixed and try to determine what's in them – Yes – In Good Mythical Morning – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land

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