$120 McGriddle Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD

– I can do it – Okay, do it

What do you want him to do? (all laughing) – [Link] Give it up – I thought you wanted to do it – Alright, okay – I got nervous (lively upbeat music) – [Rhett] The McGriddle: a marvel of modern food science

– [Link] Egg, sausage, cheese, all between two maple infused griddle cakes, branded with the golden arches – [Rhett] And all for $329 – [Link] Let's take this weird little breakfast sandwich and make it ridiculously fancy This is my absolute favoritest breakfast sandwich

– It reminds me that I'm living in the future Look at those buns; they're made in some machine by a robot – So how are we gonna fancy this thing? – So we gotta make some pancakes We got a super high gluten flour so its gonna have a lot of chew, and then for the maple syrup we're using a barrel aged in fresh bourbon barrels, and then we're gonna take duck eggs, we're gonna put duck eggs in there because they have a little more flavor than chicken eggs, and then we need the actual egg part of it, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a ton of quail eggs – I can't touch these because if I touch 'em the mother won't come back

– And then we have the cheese So what we're doing is we're taking American cheese, and this is vella dry jack, so we're gonna infuse that together with a ton of fresh black truffle – Oh, that's fancy – McDonald's you can only get bacon, Canadian bacon, or sausage; I wanna do all three So this is a bunch of ground Berkshire pork, Vande Rose Farms dry cured bacon, and then we got this d'iberico ham from the black-footed d'iberico pig

– The ones that only eat acorns? – They only eat acorns so it actually makes the fat taste like acorns and it changes the chemical composition of the fats where you rub it in your finger and it actually melts under your hand – Let's cook it up – So if you just wanna dump the flour, a little bit of salt, sugar, and black pepper, and then you're also gonna pour in two eggs – Oh gosh Duck eggs have a membrain

– [Josh] Duck eggs are tough, man – If you wanna pull a baby duck out of an egg you better think twice about it – Its kinda gross – Let's – [Link] You said whisk like you've never whisked before? – Whisk like you've done it a lot, actually

– Do a small, don't go limp on me – Yeah, we're getting there I took that really delicious maple syrup and I reduced it down til it was almost the consistency of a hard caramel, so its solid when its cold but when it warms up its gonna melt – [Link] Throw this in and its gonna melt into pockets – Yeah, just get those covered

– We're making some syrup pustules, pop 'em if you love 'em – We'll flip the entire mold – [Rhett] Oh gosh – Yeah, that was also – It was all about the look on your face which was kinda like this when I was doing it

– We're just gonna baste them in a ton of butter, give it a little lather – You always lather before you baste – [Josh] Yeah – You hurt yourself if you don't Oh, look at the pockets, man

– Yeah – Right there – [Rhett] Golly that looks good – Alright so we got 15 quail eggs in that bowl and I need you guys to crack them – Oh gosh

– Its like a little baby bird egg gusher – Alright, this is very messy and its taking forever – Yeah – What the crap? – I found an ostrich egg that's a little bit bigger – You just have a ostrich egg hanging around? – Have you seen the show, or? – I've watched a couple episodes

– From a perspective, yes – We could do a hammer and then we could also bring Link's favorite play toy back 'cause he seems to love it, so – Yeah, let's not – That's okay – Don't go too hard, though

I feel like we're gonna get a lot of eggshell in there – [Josh] Ay! – Oh my goodness – [Rhett] This is like a video that they made us watch in Biology except it was a human woman, and I've never been the same (all yelling) – And look, you can save this and make a Christmas ornament – Yeah

That's good – Yeah, you should probably stop now – [Josh] We should probably flip this – Definitely don't let Link try it – I can do it

– Okay, do it What do you want him to do? (all laughing) – [Link] Give it up – I thought you wanted to do it? – Alright, okay – I got nervous – No, no, no

– You see what I did? The whole Link incident with the thing – [Link] Oh yeah – Really go to town, and I'm just gonna stand back here – We're gonna let you do this – No! – Quit gesturing

Professionals, they don't gesture with the cleaver hand, you gesture with the off-cleaver hand, you hold the cleaver hand still This is how you, like, "Whoa, I caught a fish this big" You see how this stays? "This big" I don't go, "This big," 'cause I could kill this guy Check this out, boys

– [Link] I don't wanna check it out Whew! – (laughs loudly) Wow, did you see that? That was style – Okay – Watch that back in slow motion later – That's sage, chili flake, black pepper, MSG, and salt

These are caramelized shallots (Link humming) That's good That's a puree job – Sausage – There's disease in there, that needs to cook, man

– With that additional fat we wanna use the ring mold to keep a shape – Exactly – You said something that makes sense – [Josh] Yeah? Hey! Look at you – Let us begin the assembly

Here we have the bottom pancake – So I melted down American cheese with that dry aged Monterey jack, that's actually gonna melt from the heat of the sausage really well And then what we're gonna do is we're gonna take some of that egg yolk and then you're just gonna grate a lot of it over top You're gonna take some of the fresh truffle and just spread it on – We've got the Mickey D's arches on the original McGriddle, what are we gonna do? – The Mythy D's

We have an airbrush – [Link] Are you doing it? – [Rhett] I feel good about that – [Josh] This is the coolest stencil – [All] Whoa! – Look at that! The Mythgriddle assembled – Just in case you forgot what the original looks like

Again, significantly smaller We've done it, boys Okay now before we enjoy this, how much does this cost? – So this is 120 dollars and 43 cents That was like eight dollars worth of cheese that you almost dropped – Dink it

– And sink – Need to get my mouth around – Oh man, I hit a maple syrup pocket – Yeah Isn't it pleasant? – And I am not complaining about that

– Its so huge but the proportions are right – [Rhett] That cheese – The horrifying ostrich egg which tastes really good – We've made the world a slightly fancier place – Alright, now let us know in the comments below what fast food item you want us to fancify next

– And click through to see if we can spot some epic Photoshop fails We're going on the road; the Outback, that is We're taking the Tour of Mythicality to Australia Get tickets and details on the VIP package at tourmythicaliltycom

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