1000 Years of Pie Taste Test

– Today we guess when pies were fly – Let's talk about that

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Join now at MythicalSocietycom – Yeah, check it out, lots of fun Now, I'm a pie guy and I ain't alone People have been fans of pies since ancient Egyptian times, which is why nearly every hieroglyphic features someone wearing oven mitts

– Oh, I never noticed that Today we're gonna see if we can guess what era different pies are from just by tasting them It's time for Year Eye with Two Straight Guys: Pie Edition Welcome to the shuffle zone – And each round we get to eat pie, yes! – Hey, okay

– But then we're gonna have to guess which decade that pie was invented in and then indicate our guess by shuffling that slice down here on the Mythical shuffleboard court – Yes, and the loser the game will have to read out pi, the entire thing, it never ends, on our Instagram Let's shuffle! – [Both] Round one – This is a big pie – Our first pie is here

Look at– – What, is that meat? – [Link] This is a meat pie I see like a cross-section of egg, I see like– – I'm gonna find out by tasting it This is like a full meal in a bite – It's like a super large like shepherd's pie or something – Oh

It's cold – Ew, ew, and there's something gross in it (Link gagging) (crew laughing) This is not how this episode works, guys This is supposed to be good pies – It's not as bad as you made it out to be

– It's some liver nasty – No, there's also a lot of like coriander or something in there Cloves! There's a bunch of cloves in there – Nasty organ meat Okay, I won this game last time so you get the advantage of going second for the first round

– All right, go for it – I just want to get this as far away from me as possible – This is a very heavy pie This is going to impact your calibrations Where you going? Still spitting

– It's horrible All right, and the decades over here are all over the board I mean, well I mean– – That's the idea (Rhett laughing) – This is a old pie where like every part was used – Safe to say it's not a 2000 pie

– I mean, I'm an American, I don't know things before 1776 – That's right That's when it all started – See, it's either the 1510 or 1320 They're so far apart

I'm gonna go with 1320 I know this thing travels pretty fast (fork clattering) – [Rhett] Oh, you kept your fork on it – Come on, yeah That fork is now an obstacle, I guess

Anything that comes off the plate– – You can't, no, that's cheating man – If the pie came off the plate, that would be on the board – The fork's not part of it But you know what, I'll let you have your way – Anything that falls off the plate, stays in play

It's not my way, it's how the game's played – Well, we've never put a fork on the plate before in all the times we've played it, so that's not how the game is played But you know what, I think that your guess is pretty good I mean, it could be 1050 – All right, you going around me? – No, I'm gonna knock you son

– You're gonna knock me? – I'm gonna knock ya – Now this new board has a bounce back on the backside, so Oh, look at that, it's interesting now – Okay – Right in the middle

Okay What was that horrible pie that we tasted? – [Stevie] You just ate a Victorian pigeon pie It's a savory game pie featuring actual pigeon and it's earliest recipe dates back to 1670 – [Rhett] So hold on, what does that mean? – [Link] That means I won – [Stevie] I believe, Rhett, you bumped him right into the right answer

– I bumped you to the right answer – Yes, thank you! – You're welcome – [Both] Round two – All right, we got another meat pie – [Link] Oh no, this one has fruits in it

– It's fruits and meats It's also cold – Is that tuna? Chicken? Celery? I don't, what is that? – You know the way we usually find out what it is? – I'm afraid to taste it man – We eat it, Link – [Link] I'm scared

– That's not bad – It's like chicken– – It's chicken salad on top of some kind of Jell-O No, no, it's tuna on top of Jell-O – It has like a Chinese food kind of sauce flavor – I'm not getting that, but

– Like orange chicken sauce – I think it might be like an orange-y marmalade-y thing, yeah, for sure But you go first – Because you're still in the lead I'll leave my fork here

– Good – Man, this is, this is weird – It's way better than the first one though I could have lived during this time – This is still the distant past because we're not talking the year 2000

This is an exotic locale, an exotic time period – An exotic time period – 1840 is calling my name Oh, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop Woo, that thing likes to travel, Rhett

– Oh man, okay So 1840 is a very exotic time period, you're right about that – Right – You know, I'm thinking 1930 because of the tuna fish – That's when tuna really started kicking

– I don't know, tuna fish feels like a cheap canned thing that would have been enjoyed in the '30s You're pretty close, you're actually super well positioned – Yeah, you gonna knock me away from 1930 if you're that confident in your answer? – I feel like what I have to do is I have to lightly graze you on the side and nestle myself into 1930 Is that too complex of a goal? – It's just that I'm not listening Go

– That's what I'm gonna try to do – Oh my You did it! You freaking did it (Rhett cheering) All right, you did what you wanted, but were you wrong the answer? – Let's find out – [Stevie] That was tuna and Jell-O pie, consisting of Jell-O, tomato sauce, celery, olives, and a cheese crust and topped with tuna salad

It was originally typed in a Betty Crocker cookbook from the 1960's – [Link] Oh yeah – Okay, well, I'm closer to that – You win the round – The '60s was a time of free love, not cheap tuna

– Very exotic – [Both] Round three – At this point, I just want a pie to taste good – This one's not going to I has straight up lemon or orange peel in it, just straight up

Just like sliced citrus – [Link] Do you see any orange? I think it's just straight up lemon, man – I like a lemon pie, but I don't like just a straight up lemon That's just a cut lemon – It's nothing but lemon

– I like a lemon pie, I need some crust – I mean, after the crap that I've eaten in the previous two rounds, at least this washes it all away, memory and all – Get some of that crust, it's actually good – Crust helps? – Crust helps, get that to cut the lemon – All right, you won the last round with a great stroke, so why don't you go again first this time? – Okay

When was the decade of the lemons? I do believe there is significance, excuse me, to the fact that the lemons are just cut and not peeled It feels like eating whole lemons with the rind and everything is something that would happen in the Dark Ages And the Dark Ages were what? Isn't that like 1050? – I'd say currently – Right, there's sort a return to the Dark Ages But that's not an option

Man, that's what I'm gonna do I'm going to the Dark Ages I have no better guess – What are the Dark Ages? Which one is that? – I think it's like around the year like 1000 So I'm going as close to the year 1000 as possible

Whoa! Wow Too bad it has nothing to do with how good you are at shuffleboard – All I know is that, man, you seem pretty confident, but that actually doesn't mean anything – I'm not confident – Yeah, I know

– [Rhett] I'm not confident – I know you seem inconfident – So what are you doing? – I'm knocking yours off – Knocking it where? – [Link] Off – Off the whole board? – Off the board and putting mine in the middle

– Okay, see how well that goes (Rhett laughing) Dang it – Hold on, we don't know what the score is I mean, if it's 1510, you're closer – Yeah, they still count

– All right, let's find out – What's this lemon pie all about? – [Stevie] Okay, I can barely even see where your plates went but that was an Ohio Shaker lemon pie made with just eggs, sugar, and lemons, rind on Shakers in Ohio enjoyed this back in the 1840's – Oh, we gotta break the measuring tape out for this – [Link] 1840 is here

– So grab hold of your, grab hold of that – [Link] I'm not gonna cheat, so 40 and two ticks – [Rhett] 40 and 2/10 – Okay

And then, find the– – Oh, Link 43, son All right, I'm a Shaker I'm a mover, I'm a Shaker I'm a shuffler

– [Both] Round four – Let's take a look at this pie – Is this? – Oh, that is– – [Rhett] This looks like this could just be fat Is this just a fat pie? – It kind of looks like a cobbler without the fruit Which, I love

Let me get some of that – [Rhett] It's very good – Very sweet, vanilla-y Finally, something good This is a sweet, sweet pie

– This is a good pie To me, this represents a turning point in the pie game I think that pie started to become pie as we understand it right around the time of our country's birth Yep, 1770 – 1770 is his guess

Oh, he overshot it big time – [Rhett] Stop, stop, stop, stop! – [Link] He is down to the year 2000 Dang it man, I hate you because I actually think that much like modernism took hold in the year 2000, this minimalistic pie was invented I'm just making crap up, I don't know when this pie was invented Like where was all the fruit famines happening? – Well, there was a fruit famine in the Dark Ages

– Yeah, you're right, that's what I'm gonna do There's no fruit, so I'm going for 1050 I'm gonna bounce off the back and come back onto 1050 – Smart, make it twice as hard for yourself – Oh, lost my pie and I've lost my mind

We can measure from the pie or the disk, right? – No, that's not how it works, just the disk – Okay, what's the answer? – [Stevie] Okay, that was a water pie, consisting of flour, sugar, vanilla, butter, and water – Yeah – [Stevie] It was invented as a comfort food for poor families during the Great Depression in the 1930's – [Rhett] Yeah, the '30s

– The freakin' Depression All right, so you've won again – Oh, I'm closer, yep – Dang it – [Both] Round five

– I wonder what's in this pie, Link – Well, there's fish heads sticking out Does that mean that there's not fish heads in it because that'd make me feel better? – I'm pretty sure there's fish bodies inside it If there's a fish head sticking out, there's a fish, whoa, look at that – It looks like a quiche

– There's an egg in there – It's like a freakin' fish quiche – Oh, there's definitely fish in this Oh, there's bones in there, too Watch yourself

(Link coughing) That is not good – [Link] Lot of fish – This was a hard time for whoever enjoyed this – You still eating it? – I'm not gonna spit it out I don't want to disrespect this era

So I technically can't lose at this point, but here's what we should do If you can guess the decade correctly and also land on it and I don't land it, you win – Well, I have no choice but to accept your kind offer – When did they come up with idea to let little fishes peek out of the pie? I'm going to just land at the peak because we haven't said 1320 and this feels right to me Stop, stop, stop, stop! – No, okay

At this point I'm just trying to remember what has not been answered, 'cause I have to say it, land on it, and then be right Three things have to line up, none of which I feel great about – Anything can happen – All right, 1510 – You're going for 1510? Wow, okay

Hey, you got a chance, man – Come on fish pie – [Rhett] Don't go too hard – Bounce, bounce, bounce, stop, stop, stop! It's in there, it's in there! It's in there, that counts as being in there, right? – [Rhett] I mean, it's technically on the black It's technically not in there

– The black is in there – Let's find out whether or not you were right or not – [Stevie] This fish headed pie you just ate is called a Stargazy pie It comes from the legend of fisherman Tom Bawcock who saved an entire village from famine in England by making a giant fish pie– – Bawcock? – [Stevie] In the early 1500's – Okay, hold on, okay hold on

All right This is interesting, Link, because– – You know how to answer this? When we measured before– – [Rhett] No, you measure to the green – [Stevie] Guys, I actually have the answer, 'cause I can see overhead The plate is hanging, technically, into the spot and I really feel like we need to give this one– – Okay, I'm gonna give it to Link! – I took all the hints and advantages in the world, but in the end, I did win – I don't feel great about it, but– – Neither do I, actually

– Congratulations Link And you know what, I kinda want to re-pie anyway Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, it's Ryan and Steve from Fort Wayne, Indiana

And we're making– – [Both] Pudgy pies – And now it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Is that Ryan and Steve? – Love you guys, keep doing what you're doing – Click the top link to see us discover what kind of cheese tastes the best on apple pie in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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