1000 Years Of Hairstyles (GAME)

– Today we get all up in your great-grandma's hair – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning – The art of hairstyling has been around since Adam and Eve decided it would be cute to have matching bangs But some hairstyles throughout history have aged better than others – Today we're digging through the pages of history to bring back some of the most interesting, questionable and downright shameful hairstyles ever And we're doing it via the most physically demanding game known to man: shuffleboard

– Yeah – It's time for Year Eye with Two Straight Guys: Bad Hair Edition – As you can see, our shuffleboard deck of decades is in place – Mhm – In each round a Mythical crew member is gonna come out sporting a hairstyle popular in a particular decade, and in order to indicate what decade we think it is, we are gonna shuffleboard our own hairstyles down to that triangle

– And of course, whoever gets closest to the right decade wins that round and you can knock heads You can knock heads out of the way if you want to into the hair gel vat And of course, whoever wins at the end of this is going to be crowned Prince Hairy– – Ooh – And gets to wear their own hairstyle throughout Good Mythical More – Nice

– Let's shuffle (electronic music) – Okay let's bring in the first hairstyle It's Emily – Hi – Okay

– Oh wow okay – Kind of a plastered down look – And it's just the hair – Yeah this is about the hairstyle, Rhett – Okay

– It kinda looks like you just got out of the shower I mean in a good way I guess I'm just saying– – In the good way that being out of the shower– – I'm just saying your hair looks clean – I shower in a turtleneck, it's cool (chuckles) – This takes time, I can see that, you know

There's a lot of meticulous detail This is a time when people had time (chuckles) Had time for curls – You're reaching, huh? – Yeah I have no idea – Okay, um, well, last time we shuffled, you went first, giving me the advantage, so you know what, I'll go first this time and we can go from there

– [Rhett] Okay – First of all, I don't have much of a feel for the board so I don't think it matters too much what I'm gonna guess I'll just try to go for the middle – You're just gonna try to not go into the vat? – Yeah, honestly But if I gotta go on record here, I don't know, I think this is a 16, I'm feeling a 1650

– Oh really? – I'm feeling 1650 – Feel it! (head scraping) – Stopped little short but– – Hey not bad at all _ Maybe you'll have to give me a little head butt, Rhett – You are on the board Now I don't know exactly what happens when these heads come together

I don't know if I'm gonna knock you into the right answer I don't know what the right answer is though – You're feeling 1650 as well? – Well it's not a modern hairstyle in any way, so this is not the 1900s I don't think it's the 1800s so it could be all the way back in 1400 – Yeah I'm close to that

– You're also close to that I'm gonna try to sneak around you – Good luck with that (head scraping) Oh, neck and neck! (Rhett laughs) – You beat me, there's no way 'cause I didn't get far enough – Basically have the same answer

Okay Emily, where is your hair from? – All right, this is dubbed the sausage curls It was popular during the early Victorian era Most popular circa 1830 – [Rhett] 1830, okay well you're closer either way – But it's way down there

I barely won that one – Congratulations, Link (electronic music) All right let's bring in the next hairstyle – It's Ellie – What's up? – Wow

– With a blonde wig with two tunnels in it – Wow, you keep anything in those tunnels? – I could keep lipstick, I could keep gum – [Link] Don't keep gum in your hair – Yeah that's next week's episode – Okay

– There's a tunnel behind her right ear too – [Rhett] Yeah there's lots of hidden tunnels – Oh yeah, lots of hidden tunnels A curling under effect here, it's nice and neat, it's all together Seems like it could withstand a wind storm

What decades were lots of wind storms? – Yeah yeah that's exactly how my brain's working right now (chuckles) – Since I won the last round, I'm gonna go again, giving you the advantage as the loser at this point – Yeah, as the current loser – Okay, I don't recall seeing this on anyone I ever dated So it's not from my era

– You go to the wrong bars – This is tough I know nothing about hair or history (Rhett laughs) – Have you ever seen any movies or anything? (crew laughs) – I'm feeling a 1950 vibe 1950, it's like a Leave It To Beaver mom situation here

Okay 1950 here I come (head scraping) – Oh my goodness – Boo! – [Ellie] Whoa! – Incredible, Link – Incredible, he says – Incredible

I mean it's gotta be 1950s right? It might be the 40s, but in the 40s people hadn't quite recovered from the Great Depression They were kinda like I don't know if we can make these kinds of curls So I definitely think it's 1950 which, it would be prudent for me to knock you further down the line – You wanna knock me but then stay on 1950? – [Rhett] That's the plan, Stan (heads knock) – Oh, dangit! (Rhett laughs) – Woo! – So am I out of contention no matter what 'cause I'm in the gel or am I still in contention? – I don't know what the rules are but I think we can still count how close he is

If it happens to be the year 1830 – Okay Ellie, what is your hairstyle? – I'm sporting some gorgeous victory rolls They were named for the airplane maneuver commonly known as a victory roll And also for general show of support for the allies in World War II back during the 1940s – 40s! – 40s! – [Rhett] Okay so it was the 40s but I'm still closer to that I believe

– Yeah (laughs) – I never wanna be on a plane that's performing a victory roll We're tied (electronic music) – All right we've upgraded or shall I say downgraded to our old hairstyles, Link's old hair and my old chin strap – Mhm, but if you wanna have hairstyles like we do now, check out our Mythical Pomade, available now at Mythical

store and Amazon Express yourself on your head – I like that, that was subtle All right let's bring in the next hair style! (laughs) – It's Jordan! – Oh gosh (crew laughs) – Hello Jordan

– Oh my – I feel like all of these hairstyles so far could just be barista that's ignoring you (both laugh) – Definitely this one – You kinda look like Jack Black in Nacho Libre – Oh yeah, sure, sure

– In an awesome way – Yeah – I know – It also has a very Montoya– – Oh yes, yeah, yeah, you killed my father, prepare to die – Yeah from The Princess Bride

– Lots of hair, it really suits you – Thanks, yeah, no I kind of feel like my true self When I looked in the mirror I'm like oh, that's the me that's always been trying to get out (chuckles) – Okay – All right, so what decade– – Well I'm gonna go first

– Is Jordan trying to return to? – I feel like we're definitely talking about way back in the way Like the time period that they were supposed to be replicating in The Princess Bride which I realize is a fictitious fairy tale, but it felt like it was supposed to be like the Middle Ages – Well it could also be 1980 – The boxiness and the amount of side on that hair is distinctly older So what is our oldest time, 1410? – [Link] 1410, right there

– I mean it could be anything honestly But I'm going– – It never goes out of style really – 1410 (head scraping) Too much, stop, stop, stop, stop, too much, stop, stop! Okay, yeah, that's what I meant to do – But if 1520 is right, you're close, man

– And if you knock me into the vat, it's gonna be right there next to 1520 – Of course this is all assuming that 1520's the correct answer – I think 1410's the right answer You know what, do what you want – I'm gonna knock your socks off into that vat of glue and I'm gonna end up basically where you are

– Okay (heads clink) (crew laughs) – Yes! Okay, Jordan It's not obvious who has won or where you're from, so where is it? – I'm rocking a hairstyle that has come to be known as the Louie the 14th Louie was the king of France and wore his hair big, long and flowy, which started this trend in the 1760s Have a look

– 1760 – Dang, we suck at this, man But I think you're closer You get the point – Yes! – Feel like I wanna like faint because I saw a woman's ankle or something

(chuckles) (electronic music) – Let's see another hair! Style It's Bethany with a bun – Hello Bethany Okay this is rather simple – [Link] Well, it's simply elegant

– How does it feel? – Very disproportionately weighted – Oh you're having some balance issues? – Yeah, I feel top heavy for sure – So I'm gonna go first – You go first again – So they obviously, they wanted to emphasize the neck

It wasn't really about the hair Get the hair out of the way! – It was the time of the neck – Look at my ears, look at my neck! Or I think a bonnet went over this – Okay – I think this is like a prairie situation

I don't know, not American prairie I'm gonna say like a Irish prairie – Irish prairie – This could be from any time, I'm gonna say it's 1410 (laughs) You know, Irish prairie, 1410

– Yeah, yeah, that was when the Irish prairie neck was hot! (head scrapes) Woop! – Interesting Interesting, interesting – That came a little short – A little bit – Not even on the board

– Now I believe that this is a hairstyle that is designed to not get caught up in like factory machines – Okay we're talking industrial revolution – Yes, I think that this is like you wear your hair when you've gotta be next to like large– – Conveyor belts – Pieces of metal that are moving around and sure, people die all the time But you don't wanna be the one that gets your head– (mimics smashing) Tossed into some sort of metal teeth

– Shout out to OSHA (crew laughs) – Yeah yeah, without OSHA, we'd all still be having this hairstyle So think this is 1890, you know what I'm saying? It could be 1830 because that's in the thralls of the industrial revolution, right? I think we let our hair down by 1890 Here's the problem, I think it's 1890, but there's no way I can bump you and not just move you closer to the answer unless I bump you completely off of the board – Get a little bank shot, send me into Bethany's territory

– I wanna knock you completely off of the playing field – Do it for Ireland (heads clink) It's chaos, it's bedlam! It's anybody's game at this point – I feel like you're disqualified because you're no longer upright But I don't know what the rules are

– That is not a rule Bethany? – What is it? – Well, I'm wearing a Victorian variation of the top knot Or as it's also known, the Psyche knot – Psyche knot? – Psyche knot You can think of it as a very early precursor to the manbun

– Yes – It was popular in the 1890s – [Link] 1890 huh? I think we're gonna need a measurement, Bethany – Okay – This could be close

– All right Okay, 21 – 21 – Okay – Oh man

– I don't know, I think it's gonna be Link It's 23 – 23 – No! – I win by two! (electronic music) – All right our last hairstyle Wow Jen – Jennifer's got a, you got a center part

She's hiding her ears behind some squiggly hairs – Is Star Wars an option? 'Cause it has a very Star Wars-ish– – Well it's like Princess Leia after like a bout with something Like the flu – No it's like Princess Leia in like Louisiana on a hot day, you know It's like these were buns, trust me

But I was out of my fan boat all day (chuckles) – Okay You know what, I've got a big lead here I can't lose – Pretty much

– I don't think I do have an idea, I got a challenge for you to make this interesting – All right – So I'm gonna play defensively – All right

– And I'm gonna place it right there at the tip of the spear to keep you out – Oh interesting (head scrapes) – Woo slow down! Slow down, Daddy Went a little further than I thought but here's my challenge to you Rhett, because I'm up three to one You can't win unless you knock my head into the gel and also land smack dab somewhere in the correct answer

If you do both of those things with your one shove, I'll give you the win, you'll be crowned Prince Hairy – Okay Really my only chance is if it's 1410, right? 'Cause we know that it's not 1760 or 1650 'cause we've done both of those, right? I don't know, all I know is I'm gonna hit your head as hard as I can (chuckles) and see what happens I'm gonna try to knock you to kingdom come – You knock me in the gel and hit the right answer, you win

(heads clink) – Good gosh! (Rhett laughs) – Oh whoa, maybe the right answer's under the couch – Wow – Look at what I did to your glasses, you gotta give me at least three points for that – That was violent, man Okay Jen, it seems that I've won

Where's your hairstyle? – These wired side curls were known as spaniel ears They were called that because they were curly and frizzy like a spaniel's ears and who doesn't want to have dog ears? They were popular in the 1650s – 1650 – Ooh! Oh man I should have– – You had a chance – I did have a chance

– But you went for the gusto and you lost – All right congratulations, Link You are hereby crowned Prince Hairy (triumphant music) – Thank you, my royal subjects And I would also like to thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – I'm Marianna in my bedroom in New York I just made a bold hair choice and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – You go, girl! – Click the top link to watch us try some VR boxing with Creed: Rise to Glory in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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