100 Years of Swimsuits (GAME)

– When was weird swimwear worn? – Let's talk about that (vibrant electronic music) Good mythical summer! – What we have worn and when while wading our body through bodies of water can weveal surpwising things about cultural views of modesty through time, incwuding questions that still persist today

For instance, when did men fwee the nipple, and will women escape their nipple prisons ever? – Only time will tell It's time for Year Eye with Two Straight Guys, swimwear edition Each round, we're going to meet a new swimwear model and attempt to guess which decade their style would fit in, and we'll make that guess to the timeless sport of shuffleboarding! – Of shuffleboarding! It's timeless – Yes, whoever gets closest to the correct decade gets the point and the point values will increase by one point each round – Oh, the loser at the end of this thing is going to have to wear one of the swimsuits we're about to meet around the office for an Instagram video

Let's shuffle (upbeat music) Round one – [Rhett] Round one – Let's meet our first model Well hello, sir, what's your name? – [Peter] I'm Peter, and I'm a sad ghost boy that drowned at sea

(laughter) – You're a sad ghost boy? – [Peter] Yes, I drowned and was then unable to fulfill my destiny – Which is? – Oh, you know, just hanging out (laughter) – Okay – Wow – Look at you

– Thank you, Peter – Look at this swimsuit – [Rhett] Is that a belt, Peter? – [Peter] Yes, it helps keep my pants aloft – It doesn't seem like pants, it seems like he's wearing like a sweater that's morphed into something– – It's a sweater that was attached – [Link] Covers your man bits with a belt

– [Peter] Yes, I do not want beachgoers to see my ghost penis (laughter) – Okay, alright Okay – [Rhett] Okay – We get it

– [Rhett] Alright Uh, okay, so you won last time – Yeah – So that means I'm going to go second, because the guy going second has a little bit of an advantage, so Mhm

– Oh, alright, and we got these nice fishbowls down here – [Rhett] Of course we do – [Link] Got a little ocean situation – What's your thought process here? – [Link] Um This is from a long time ago, but like I said in the intro, the nipples are free, so I don't think this is like twenties or thirties

I don't know when the men nipple was freed, honestly, but – [Rhett] Mm – This is not fifties I think this is 1940s – Mm, okay

– [Link] I'm gonna give it a shot – [Rhett] Going for 40 – [Link] Come on, ooh! A little short Those are heavy, watch yourself – So I was thinking exactly the same thing

What I wanted to do – Feels good to think like me, doesn't it? – I was, well, from time to time I wanted to split 1920 and 1940, because, man, I think you're in exactly the most strategic spot, because I think it's either twenties, thirties, or forties, and you're right between all of them – You gonna try to blast me into beach balls? – I'm gonna find out what happens when you hit somebody else's bowl – Oh snap

Oh my goodness! That's a lot of bounce You're in 50 and I'm in 60 – [Rhett] Okay (whooping) – Alright Hans, or whatever your name is – [Peter] Peter, and I'm a sad ghost boy that drowned at sea

– I remember that – [Peter] Okay, I was just restating the case – [Link] What– What decade is your swimsuit from? – [Peter] I'm wearing the first iteration of the speedo, or swimming briefs, which marked the first era in modern time when it became acceptable for men to be shirtless in public This look was popularized by hunky leading men of the 1930s (exclaiming) – Okay, that was the thirties! – [Link] Love that belt

– And I am closer (dinging) (groaning) – You get the point (upbeat music) – [Rhett] Round two – [Link] Round two – Alright, this round's worth two points, let's meet our model

– [Link] Wow – [Georgina] Hi – [Link] Look at those bandana – [Rhett] What's your name? (laughter) – [Georgina] I'm Georgina My butt knows three languages, and I'm your new mom! – You're gonna be living with me? – [Georgina] Oh yeah! – [Link] Okay

– How do you feel about your bathing suit? – [Georgina] I feel really good about it Check out my mixtape on Soundcloud – Oh, you're working it – Hmm, okay, so – Hmm

That seems a little deceptive, because modern woman – Modern woman who's into Soundcloud So she's just wearing an older bathing suit – The bathing suit is kind of simple It's a one piece that feels like a two piece

– I hate to do this, but I feel like just we have to get all the details – [Georgina] Yass! – [Link] Did you think that thing spun? Because it doesn't – [Georgina] Yes, Zaddy! – Because I think that tells you a lot about when this was acceptable – [Link] Let's go back That looks, that looks– – There's a lot

There's a lot of skin here – [Link] That looks painful – [Georgina] I'm cold – Alright, Rhett, you're gonna go first – Wow, okay

Man – Two points up for grabs – Alright, so, first thing I'll say is I feel like we are squarely in the sixties or seventies, right, because it has a little bit of a sixties vibe, with a bandana that feels sixties, and sixties was like free love, it was time to put a thong on, and But I don't know if they went that far in the sixties I think they may have waited till the seventies to show that much back

I'm going to try to hit the seventies, but on the far side – [Link] Passing the seventies – [Rhett] Okay – [Link] And you're in the fifties – [Rhett] I basically just split the difference

– Okay – Probably not a great – I don't know if I'm over-influenced by the fact that it's just black in color, but that leads me away from sixties and seventies, where you think about different colors and patterns and whatnot I actually think this is eighties Basically, I'm gonna try to knock you off the back corners into sixties, pushing me in the eighties

Give you a little run for your money here – [Rhett] Oh, wow! – [Link] Nice! – [Rhett] You did exactly what you tried – [Link] Alright Okay, girl (laughter) Listen, tell us where your suit's from

– [Georgina] I'm wearing a thong bodysuit invented by scandalous and iconic designer Rudi Gernreich, and intended as a unisex style This took off in Brazil– – [Link] What, unisex? – [Georgina] And other South American countries in the 1970s – Ooh! – Ooh, wow, so it was the seventies I feel like, I mean, I'm a little bit closer this way – Yep

– I don't think there's anyway you can be closer to the seventies – You barely pulled it off (dinging) I'll give you two more points (upbeat music) Round three! – [Rhett] Round three! – Now we're up to three points for this round Who do we got? – [Georgina] I'm Georgina, and I did not kill that pool boy

– We didn't think you did We, you know, don't be so defensive about it – [Georgina] I did not, he bludgeoned himself with my old volleyball trophy – You– (laughter) You weren't even a suspect – [Georgina] I wasn't around, I was at the cinema

– I'm just saying, the more you talk about it, the more you seem to be incriminating yourself – [Georgina] Listen, people bludgeon themselves with my own volleyball trophies a lot It happens, okay? – Where are you from, Georgina? – [Georgina] I can't say, I'm under police investigation (laughter) – Really? – [Georgina] Yes – Alright

– [Georgina] I can appear on YouTube videos but I cannot say where I'm from (laughter) It's an odd legal loophole – Okay, so I'm up, so that means I go first – Oh yeah, you're up – To give you a little advantage here

– That's right, because I am losing I could tie it up now though – [Rhett] Again, I don't know if I'm being overly influenced by the pattern, but this feels sixties to me – [Link] That's all the way in the back of the board – [Rhett] I mean, this is still in style

I mean this has been in style since then and continues to be – [Link] Right There's not a lot of specificity, except this little dangle dangle thing here I don't know what that, what's the meaning of that – Well, tassels, I think tassels is a very sixties thing

– Shuffle away, man – Um, I'm gonna try to lodge myself right up there against the back Stop, stop, stop! – [Link] Ooh! We're getting a good bounce, which is a new addition to the game this time I actually think that this is nineties, almost 2000s – [Rhett] Okay

– [Link] I just think it doesn't seem special or interesting to me because I've been so familiar with it – Ah – [Link] So as long as I go on this side of your bowl, I'm good to go, so I'm gonna nestle against your bowl slightly on the far side Stop! Yes, perfect! Alright Georgina, where's your suit from? – [Georgina] I'm wearing the first string bikini, invented by Louis Réard, who named it bikini after Bikini Atoll, the location of the first public nuclear bomb test, presumably because this look was only for bombshells So naturally it was invented in the 1940s

– [Link] Oh! We were really off – [Georgina] It's a flow joe – [Rhett] Oh, oh, 1940s? Okay, Link, you are closer (exclaiming) to 1940s (dinging) – But we were both horribly wrong I'll take the point and tie in up

(upbeat music) Round four! – [Rhett] Round four! Alright, this round's worth four points Who do we have here? (scoffing) – [Link] Good gracious – [Carly] Hi, I'm Carly I feel passionate about freeing the nipple because all nipples deserve to be raised range free on arge organic farms – [Link] Okay

– Are you– – Definitely putting your money where your mouth is – Are you a reader? – [Link] She's just wearing glasses, Rhett – [Carly] Yeah, I just finished the latest Simone de Beauvoir – [Link] Is that what you're looking at? (laughter) – I'm only looking at her head – That's good

You're looking at the glasses – I'm only, neck up, I'm only neck up – [Link] I'm gonna go first, because even though we're tied, I'm a gentleman – You won the last game – I won it last

– So – Um, man, this is, this is tough This is some French Riviera stuff, you know what I'm talking about? – Uh huh, mhm – This is like, I don't know when they started being so free over there I actually think I'm going for the sixties

– [Rhett] Mm, okay – Has that been an answer? I hope not Dang, I don't know I'm just gonna go for the middle of the board then – Okay

That was an audible if I've ever seen one (laughter) And by– – [Link] Gosh! – [Rhett] And by middle of the board, you mean middle of the entire board (laughter) – [Link] Sometimes, it's so heavy, sometimes that happens, man – Uh, well, you know – You know what? Knock me forward, three inches

– My reasoning doesn't even really matter at this point, but I was actually thinking– – Dangit! – I was thinking the sixties as well, because that was the free love thing, but maybe overseas, it was really getting free, you know what I'm saying? Because the bottom is actually rather conservative – [Link] No belly button – [Rhett] You know what I'm saying? It's like well, we can, we'll just show the nips So again, all I have to do is get beyond you – Gosh! – So my official guess

– It doesn't matter – Actually, hold on You know what? I don't have to get behind you, because if it's the thirties– – [Link] That's right, I could beat you – [Rhett] So I just need to get beyond you, but not too far behind you – [Link] What an exciting round

(laughter) – It's called strategy – Alright, where's your suit from, or at least the bottom half of it? – [Carly] This is the monokini This is also an invention of Rudi Gernreich It's representative of the massive countercultural changes of the 1960s – [Rhett] Yep! – [Link] Although I was right about the year, you get the four points

– Whoop! Round five! – [Link] Round five! – Okay, last round, worth five points, so it's anybody's game – Let's meet our last model Two of them! – [Oval] I'm Oval! – [Model 2] And I'm (silly noises) (laughter) – [Oval] And we – [Model 2] And we buried your keys! – [Oval] Buried your keys! – Is that right? – What was your name again, sir? (silly noises) (laughter) – Okay – [Model 2] I'm down – [Oval] I'm down with the sickness! – [Model 2] With the sickness! (laughter) – Are you guys farmers? – [Model 2] Yes

– [Oval] Yes – [Model 2] We love – [Oval] We love to farm rutabagas! – [Model 2] To farm rutabagas! – [Rhett] Okay, wow – What is happening? (laughter) – I think they don't know what they're gonna say and they're figuring it out together – You like to speak in unison? – [Oval] We fused in – [Model 2] We fused in our mother's womb – [Oval] Our mother's womb

– So you're brother and sister? That's interesting – That's great – Alright Rhett, I went first last time You're in the lead, you go first now – Okay

– What are you learning? – Well, this farming sibling couple, I don't really understand I definitely remember seeing this V pattern in like lots of things from the eighties So the first thing I'll say is that I know that this was worn in the eighties, but this was when it was invented, so it may have been invented in the seventies – Are you sure it wasn't invented by Borat? – Borat did popularize it Seventies and eighties are really far apart

I feel better about the eighties I may be handing you the game Maybe it's more strategic to land closer to the seventies and then create a situation where you've gotta move me I'm gonna land, you know what? That's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna hit the forties and see what happens

– [Link] Ooh, good! (exclaiming) Good move, man! Yeah, I, I'm guessing eighties So I'm gonna try to pass you by – Why don't you just try to hit me? – Because then you'll get closer to the eighties, and I wanna win I don't wanna wear that swimsuit around the office – You think I do? (chuckling) – [Link] Boing, eighties! Yes! – [Rhett] Okay

It's a good one – [Link] Alright, couple Tell us where you're from – [Oval] We're wearing – [Model 2] We're wearing a slingsuit – [Oval] A slingsuit

Or a – [Model 2] Or a suspender suit – [Oval] Suspender suit While this was – [Model 2] While this was popularized – [Oval] Popularized in the mid 2000s, – [Model 2] In the mid 2000s, by the iconic Borat, – [Oval] By the iconic Borat, it's actually from – [Model 2] It's actually from the mid nineties – [Oval] The mid nineties – Nineties! – Nineties? – Ooh, man! – [Rhett] Which– – [Link] I am a little bit closer, man

– [Rhett] You are closer – Whoo! So I win! (dinging) – Congratulations, Link It looks like I'll be wearing one of these, not one of those for a day Just go on Instagram and find out which one I'm gonna wear – [Link] Or maybe one of those

Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – And you guys say you know what time it is – [Oval] You know – [Model 2] You know what time it is – [Oval] What time it is – Hello, I'm Morgan! – And I'm Bailey

– And we're in Gatlinburg, Tennessee – And it's time to spin – And it's time to spin – The Wheel of Mythicality! – The Wheel of Mythicality! – I think she was in a grapefruit, Daniel – Click the top link to watch us go through a 99 cent store pool toy haul on Good Mythical Morning – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land Stick to what you love and stick our pins on things you love

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