100 Years Of Dance (GAME)

– Are these dances solid gold? – Or super old? – Let's talk about that – Good mythical morning

– And please welcome, from World of Dance on NBC, our new friend Derek Hough – What's up everybody? Yes, yes, yes – We've done it, Derek – We did it – We got you on the show

– Welcome to the show, man Okay, so, on your show World of Dance, you get to sit up in your ivory tower and dance, well, not dance, judge some of the best dancers in the world, but today, we want to ask you to do the dancing – Okay – Specifically some dances from the past 100 years, quite a time span – That's very broad, okay

All right, okay – You up for it? – I'm up for it – Okay, all right – All right, here's what's gonna happen You're gonna do dances, and then Rhett and I are gonna try to guess which decade the dance you're performing was most popular in, and to indicate our answers, we're going to be throwing darts at you

– Oh – No, Link, that's a different game That's the dart game This is the shuffleboard game – Oh, right, we're gonna be shuffleboarding

It's time for Year Eye With Two Straight Guys, Dance Edition – Okay, the shuffleboard deck of decades is in place – There it is – In each round, Derek is going to perform a specific dance from the last 100 years, and then we're going to attempt to skitter our dancing figurines down to the correct decade – The winner of the game is going to get to cut a rug with Derek Hough in Good Mythical More, which is a much better prize than winning a million dollars like they do on World of Dance

(upbeat electronic music) – [Rhett and Link] Round one – All right, Derek, take it away – All right, here we go – [Rhett] Oh, oh, what? – [Link] What? – Oh, oh, mm, uh, okay Uh, yep, yep, yep

(crew laughs) (Rhett laughs) – Flourish – Nice – What? – I'm already impressed – Did you already know that dance, or did you learn that just to do that? – I just saw it on a screen, and there it is – That was a lot of pieces

– There's a lot of moments in there – This is what he does, Link – There it is You picked it up, brother – Then there's other stuff, and then there was the spin

– The spin was just added 'cause we needed a definite ending – Well, that was it – We gotta figure out what decade this is from, and Link, since you won this last time, you should go first – Okay, okay Where's my stick? Here it is

Oh, god I see that there's some recent years There's a 2010, a 2000, but this is nothing I've ever seen This is, like, vaudevillian – Hmm

– What decade is that? The 30 is right on this side of the 20, so I'm gonna split the difference I'm-a go with 1925 Slow down! No, too hard! – Right into the trough of sequins Okay, first of all, Link, you're 100% correct in your guess, I think I mean, it's either the '20s or the '30s, right? All I have to do is just not go into the sequin trough

Here we go – Oh, he went hard too (groans) – [Rhett] Okay, that seems like a safe play – Okay, Derek, so what decade was that dance most popular? – That dance is called the Black Bottom – Okay

– It was popular in the 1920s (Rhett cheers) (Link groans) You got it – All right, Rhett – [Derek] You got it – You got the point

– I did – [Rhett and Link] Round two – All right, Derek, time for the next dance – [Derek] Mm-hm – Oh, you brought a partner

– Yes Hello, Bethany – Hello, Derek – All right (Rhett laughs) – Bethany is not just doing Mythical duties

She's also doing some sort of dance – Dancing duties Yes – Go for it – You ready? – I'm ready

– Let's go, B Here we go Get it, get it Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

In, out, cross – Okay (crew claps) – All right, way to go, Bethany – Yeah, without Bethany, I wouldn't have known what was going on (all laugh) – That one, we needed the partner dance for that one, for sure

– I feel like this is in life version of expectations and reality (Rhett laughs) – You just created a meme – You both did great – Okay, I'm in the lead, so I'm gonna go first This is my guy

Now, this really, in my mind, had a very '90s feel, right? It felt like the kind of thing you would see a boy band back when, while we were in high school, and of course, we were really into boy bands back then – They were lined up, they were both facing the same direction, you could see, it could've been more of them – Okay, so I'm going for 1990 Let's see what happens (Link groans) (shouts) – That was good

– [Derek] Not bad – Here's the thing, Rhett I mean, the boy band craze is not limited to the '90s – Right, this could be 2000 – It could be 2000

– Could be – Look, she's getting better at it the more she does it (Bethany laughs) – By the way, you know what they say – It was a low bar to begin with though – Now, what I'm gonna do, Derek, unless you advise otherwise, I'm going to knock Rhett's dancer into the sequins while then asserting my control of 1990 and the year 2000

– You know how I feel about that? Like this (Rhett laughs) – [Link] All right He says go for it – Let's do it – Don't miss him

Don't miss me (all shout) – It's anybody's point now – We might have to bring the measuring tape in – That did not work how I wanted it to All right, what's the name of this dance, and what decade was it popular in? – The name of this dance is the Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, and it was popular in 2006

(Rhett and Link groan) – [Link] 2000 – Okay, that's pretty close You want to do a measurement? – You're a little closer, I'll give you the point – I'll take the point – [Rhett and Link] Round three

– Okay, Derek, no partner this time? – No partner – Let's see it – All right – Oh yeah Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh

(man laughs) – The face is very important, by the way, here – Okay Yeah – Uh-huh (crew claps) – What's up? – Wow

– Okay – Let's just see the face again Okay, yeah That's the face of a certain decade – [Derek] Just cool, it's cool

– Now, Link, I remember this very well I remember your mom, Sue, taking us to the Dean Dome to see the man who invented this dance, and you know what, Vanilla Ice was supposed to open up for MC Hammer that night, and he bailed I'll never forgive you, Robert Van Winkle (crew laughs) This has got the '90s written all over it, right? Unless this was invented in the '80s, and then somehow made it into the '90s, but that was the Hammer – MC Hammer, at the time

– Please, Hammer, don't hurt him – He's off the board I do agree that this is 1990 – Yeah (laughs) – How'd it happen? – Okay, all right, wait

You know what, he got past the line – No, I don't– Come on – Okay, Derek, tell us about that dance – All right, the decade is the 1990s (Rhett shouts) That's right, and it was the Bartman from The Simpsons

– Really? – Yeah You guys want to see it? – Yeah – Yes – All right, show a clip ♪ Do the Bartman ♪ ♪ Now here's a dance beat that you can't deny ♪ – Turn it down

– Do the Bartman – [Derek] Mm – Man, I did the Homer (Rhett laughs) – Yeah, you did – I just whiffed

– You want to measure it? – No – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Okay, Derek, you have a partner again It's Ellie – Oh, hi

– Ellie – [Link] Hello, Ellie – What's up? I am so confident (Rhett and Link laugh) – That's what I like to hear – Derek, are you confident? – Yes

– Great, hit the lights – You ready? – I'm ready, okay – Five, six, seven, go (sings) To the right, seven, go (sings) Yeah, you like that? Oh

– I'm having a panic attack (Rhett laughs) I'm back on – Yeah (crew claps) – Crushed it – All right

– Thank you so much – Now, I'm told that this is worth two points – Oh, yes – There's still hope for me to start to catch up – Last two rounds

– What you thinking, Rhett? – I'm thinking disco I'm thinking you guys look like a couple of disco machines There was the dance, and the bimp, and the psh, so I'm gonna go 1970 (laughs) Yeah! – [Derek] Wait a sec – [Link] That was a good roll

– You want any pointers? – Well, here's the thing – It's all in the elbow – I wasn't really seeing disco – Oh, okay – I was seeing, like, Motown backup dancer

– Wow, huge compliment – Yeah, okay, you're not wrong It could be the '60s, but you gotta get around me to get to the '60s – If you're right, I gotta bust you off the '70s anyway to have a chance in this game – What if you bust me onto '60s and '60s is right? – I'm not usually right (both laugh) – What's your plan? – I'm gonna bust you out, and then I'm gonna stay on 1990 in order to split the '60s and '70s

– There's a lot of steps to this (laughs) Okay, I'm excited to see it – Okay, here we go Oh, I broke my– – [Derek] So aggressive – [Rhett] I'm pretty sure I'm closer to all the possible answers

– I broke my man Oh, gosh – Okay, what decade is this dance form? – I don't know we're just nervously dancing over here now It's actually the Watusi, 1960s – 1960

– You were right, but you were wrong – 1960s You're still closer, you jerk – Okay, so I've got five points now, Link – Dang it

(upbeat electronic music) – [Rhett and Link] Round five – Okay, Link, we can make this last round worth six points, if you want – No, this is just for pride You get to cut a rug with Derek in More Derek, oh, and Davin

Are you guys ready? – I'm not (Rhett and Link laugh) – Perfect – [Derek] It's gonna be great – All right, take it away, boys – Let's go brother, come on

– All right, here we go (crew laughs) – Oh, breaking his arm – This way There we go – Yeah, there it is

– Here, this way This way – Are they wrestling or dancing? (crew claps) I thought, at any moment, you were gonna break his arm off – Almost, almost – Just trying to get him to do a turn

– It is pretty fun, actually Hold on, like this Yep, there it is There it is That's it

– There you go, Davin Davin, how do you feel? – Not great, not gonna go on World of Dance anytime soon (Rhett laughs) – Okay, well, here's what I'm thinking Ironically, this reminds me of the early 2000s when all those college students got into swing dancing Everywhere you went, every function for, like, a few years was a swing dance party

I was like, "Why are we doing this? "As a culture, what has happened to us?" – All right, so you're going for 2000 – No, but I think that it was originally, I guess, from the '30s, '50s? '30s Doesn't matter, right? I mean, why am I delaying? I'm going for the '30s (laughs) – [Link] You've really– – Wow, I've found my gift – You really got the timing down

You're wrong though – Oh, okay, it is the '90s – This is 1950 – You think swing dancing was in the '50s? Okay – I don't think, that wasn't swing dancing

That was just the sock hop, man (Derek laughs) All right, this is for pride alone If I get on the triangle, that's the pride that I need – Yeah, right, get on the triangle, Link – All right, 1960, whatever

– Okay, so what was that dance called, and what decade is it from? – That dance is the Jitterbug Close though, sock hop, Jitterbug – Which is? – 1930s – Oh, you're right All right, you earned that one, Rhett

– I'm ready to cut that rug with Derek – Congratulations, you did a great job So did you guys – Good job, bud – Thanks

– [Link] Thank you, Derek – I messed that up too (Rhett and Link laugh) – You know what, you guys can keep practicing that In the meantime, make sure you check out Derek in World of Dance, which is coming back for its third season on NBC very soon – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing

– Now you say, "You know what time it is" – You know what time it is – Hi, my name is Patrick – Hi, my name is Unique – [Both] We're in here in Berkeley, California, and it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality

– Wow – What grade do you give them? – I mean, for the intro? That was a 10 out of 10 for sure – Click the top link to watch us play Good Dad Dancer or Bad Dad Dancer – Good Dad Dancer – In Good Mythical More

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