100 Years of Cake Taste Test

– What cake did they bake back in the day? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) Good Mythical Morning

– Pss, join the Mythical Society to get early access to our tour, exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, and permanent access to Link's Netflix password Check it all out, MythicalSocietycom – The best part of any work day is office birthday cake – That's right

– And the second best part is licking the frosting off the office birthday cake candles and just a note, we do re-use those candles – Yes But little known fact, there were cakes enjoyed by humans before office birthday cake was invented You might say that our history is layered with cakes We're about to see if we can guess what era cakes are from just by tasting them

It's time for– – [Rhett and Link] Year Eye With Two Straight Guys: Cake Edition – Welcome to the shuffle zone! – We are going to taste a cake that was popular in a particular decade and then we're gonna guess that decade by shuffle boarding a slice of the cake on the Mythical shuffle board court – Yes and the closest cake to the answer gets the point but we're trying something new this time Instead of just one point per round, we're going to increase the point value by one each round One, two, three, four, five

– Ooh, and the winner of the game gets a special themed cake just for them, oh and be sure to follow us on Instagram @rhettandlink to see the Mythical Crew finish the leftover cake in a very fun way Let us eat cake – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Okay, since I won last time, I'm going to go first because going second actually gives you the advantage – Yes

– But first, we got to eat our cake, brotha – [Link] All right so we've got this fig cake here Look at that Well those are figs, yes? – Those are figs on top some with– – And some peh-cahns or pe-cans I'm not a lover of cake in general

That's not the option I go for but this ain't bad and figs ain't bad – It's very figgy Okay – What decade would a fig cake be popularized? – That's a great question Link Figgy pudding is not this

(chuckles) But it seems like old world kinda things right? So I'm using that logic to go as old as I possibly can on the board which is the year 1900 – Whoa that's slick! She's going off the board – But hey, I'm right next to the answer – All right so that's still viable May I? – Yes, you may

– Okay, my only point of reference for figs are Fig Newtons and I'm talking like in the 80s, man I would have a stash of them Newtons! – So you think that figs, the fig– – No – The fig surge The great fig surge of the 80s – No

I think you're right, and plus, I never had a fig on a cake in the 80s, man – What are you gonna do you gonna– – [Link] I'm just talking figs, man – You gonna try to knock mine, if you land on mine you'll be closer to 1900 You'll be closer to every answer if you just come on this side of mine – My answer is 1950 but I'm gonna go for 1930

– Okay – [Link] Boop, whoops – Okay well– – That still works All right Stevie, what is this? – [Stevie] You just ate a Lady Baltimore cake, a white fluffy cake made of walnuts, pecans, figs, and vanilla and it was popular in the 1900s – Whoa, you were right, Rhett, and I get the point

– Yeah, you do – [Rhett and Link] Round two – Have another beautiful cake here – Chocolatey with some coconut on top – [Rhett] Let's get a little taste

– This is a hefty hefty cake here Hmm – Hmm – You tasting anything unusual in there? – Something almost sour – Yeah there's something, it's like there's something wrong with the cake and it's not just the coconut

– Hmm – What is that? – [Josh] Taste the coconut again – So it is just the coconut Oh that's cabbage – Sauerkraut, it's not coconut

– That is sauerkraut – I think I know about this but I don't wanna think out loud because I don't wanna give you the right answer – Oh my gosh, that's horrible Mm, all right I would gladly sent this away from my face via shuffleboard

Where on earth would you put fermented cabbage AKA what's it called? – Sauer– – Sauerkraut – On a cake, that's just an accident, right? I can't even come up with a rationale for them doing that in any decade on this planet Hmm, all right, I'm gonna go for the 30s but hedge my bet with the 50s And I'm gonna, woo– – Nice Link – Yeah! – Nice, very accurate

– Nailed it! Nailed something which could probably be the wrong answer – Okay so– – You think this is German chocolate cake? – It's German chocolate cake – Okay – And is this popularity in the United States or popularity in the world somewhere? – United States – United States, okay so it would definitely not been too close to the war because it took us a few decades to warm back up to German things, right? – Nah, it's like, I think it's a show of dominance to eat their cake

(crew laughs) – It's a good point I think the 50s is too early but it might be the 30s because maybe we were eating it until we had to start fighting 'em (sighs) But you know what, I think the 50s is not a bad answer but I think it's the 60s because I think that gave us about two decades to just forget all about what they did and be like, yeah we'll buy their cars, eat their cake – Go easy on it 'cause that thing is slick – Yeah it is, okay, I'm going for the 60s

– Went hard – Okay or I just– – [Link] Oh you knocked me off So now we're both in 30s but you're in 50s and 30s – [Stevie] Okay this was a beer and kraut fudge cake made of sauerkraut, beer and cocoa It's still made today especially during Oktoberfest, but it was most popular in the 1950s

– Oh, okay so you get two points, Rhett – Yes – [Rhett and Link] Round three – Look at this, a Barbie cake Isn't she beautiful, and whoops

– Oh she had an accident – Oh my goodness a little wedge in the rumpus How does– – That's a fun cake Whoa that's fun – You know we didn't have to start by eating this part of the Barbie but

It's a strawberry cake – When did America decide they wanted to have fun with cake? – You know when Barbie was invented? – I would have thought that Barbie was invented in the 50s, 60s? – Mm – It's older than that? – I ain't sayin' – 40s, maybe 40s – I ain't sayin'

But I don't think, you don't come out of the gate with a Barbie like this though This is after Barbie's really settled into the American conscience and then you're like, I think we can cake her now – Okay – I think the 80s was a time of just endless possibilities, you know, trickle-down economics and crazy cakes – Cocaine

– Yep So I'm going 80s, but– – Did somebody just ring the doorbell? – Yeah (chuckles) (metal chimes) – Hello, Barbie? – It's the 80s calling They want you to land on them, I don't know – Okay

– Okay – He's going for 1980 You've overshot it – Stop, gosh! – Big time – So slick! It's so freaking slick! – So slick

It's like Barbie driving her Corvette on black ice – Golly, it's just so slick this time – All right so, wrong thing Okay Here's the thing, yeah I was trying to lead you back

– Oh, that counts – Okay see I was trying to lead you back in time further away from what I believe is the correct answer I believe that with the advent of internetainment, people in the 2000s started to get desperate with baking cakes for video clicks and now it's gotten totally out of control, but in the 2000s they were doing stuff like this I'm going for the top of the sphere – You really can't lose unless you don't get across the black line in which case it doesn't count

(chuckles) Oh, it's so, oh nice You're really good today, you're on fire, man – Yeah I'm on fire! – Okay guys – Year 2000 – [Stevie] This was a Barbie birthday cake made out of an actual Barbie and birthday cake

It became extremely popular after the movie Barbie's Birthday Party at Walt Disney World, debuted in– – 1990 – The 1990s – 1990s – Okay – Barbie movies, I have a bunch of those

– We're on each side of it but you're definitely closer Link, you get three points – Yes – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Okay we've got a tall cake with olives on top and– – What? – [Rhett] What appears to be some sort of meat inside

– Oh my gosh, look at this, is this ham and cream cheese? – [Rhett] I think it's like a potted meat almost I mean it's a– – Mm-hmm – It's some very processed– – Ugh (grunts) – When did they think of this? And I'm glad they don't anymore – Oh gosh

It looks super cool, it tastes super horrible to me, 'cause I don't like Spam-ish meats – [Rhett] That is cream cheese in there though – Yeah this has got the 70s written all over it It's just like, hey, groovy I guess that's 60s

(chuckles) – Okay – All right I'm gonna split the difference between halfway between the 70s and 60s Whoops, that came a little short – [Rhett] Well there's strategy to that, Link – [Link] Now I'm just blocking your roll

– [Rhett] There's definitely strategy to that, now– – What do you think it is? – I think 60s is not a bad guess at all I also think they could have done something with this weird kinda meat in the 30s but if I could just get past you and get closer to 1960 I basically have both guesses covered I'm gonna try to go around you and land on the 1960s and thereby have that guess and the other one – For the lead, woo! It's a good move, man – [Rhett] Okay

(sighs) – [Stevie] Okay this was a bologna cake made with Oscar Mayer bologna, cream cheese, ranch dressing, and Cheez Wiz The recipe was mentioned in the movie Sweet Home Alabama in 2002 but it was originally very popular in the 1970s – Oh yeah – Oh, okay You should have gone with your voice and not your instinct

But either way, I'm closer – [Rhett and Link] Round five – Link, I know you're excited about this round – This cake has a tomato smashed into the top of it – [Rhett] I'm assuming that means it's got tomato on the inside

– So this is like a ketchup cake? – Yeah, yeah exactly – What on earth? Mm – Takes like a carrot cake – Yeah Carrot cake, it's a carrot cake with ketchup on top

– It's good Okay I'm going first – Whatcha thinkin'? – Well, this is a time when people were like what do we have? And then whatever the answer to that question was, let's make a cake out of it This feels like lean times

And so we all know that the 30s were a rough time but didn't it start getting bad in the 20s and then that's what happened in the 30s with the stock market crash? – I wasn't alive then – (sighs) Man, here's what I'm gonna do because you have the advantage, you're going second I've gotta be somewhat strategic here I'm gonna try to land on the line between 1990 and 1920 (Link sputters) My hoping that I'm serving as a little bit of a block to you

– Okay – You maybe knock me into the right answer if you wanna get aggressive which might be 1930 but I'm gonna try to land on 20 – Woo! Nice shot – Okay not bad – Okay

I actually believe that this vibrant red, happy cake was in the vibrant 80s 'cause I don't think that was a correct answer in an earlier round I hope I'm not wrong about that – I can neither confirm nor deny – I just feel like this is the 80s So I'm gonna stop a little bit short of your pan

– [Rhett] Oh, you're gonna do a little knocky Whoa ho, look at that – [Link] It's anybody's game now though – [Stevie] All right I wanted to say that epically

– All right – This is a tomato soup cake made with Campbell's tomato soup, cloves, cinnamon, and other spices It was the first recipe printed on a Campbell's soup can and was immediately popular in the 1960s – What? – So Rhett, you were more correct but I am more close (Rhett chuckles) – You win, Link

– Woo! – [Stevie] And Chase, please bring in Link's special prize – All right – 1960s, what? ♪ This is my favorite cake ♪ ♪ Let's see it ♪ (trumpeting music) Oh, it's a, it's a me-themed cake – [Rhett] Wow – [Link] Rhett, Rhett help yourself to some of this too

– You know what, I just don't feel right because this cake is obviously so catered to you I mean they've gone really out of their way to make this all about you I'll eat it anyway – Cookies and cream – Ah, okay, be sure to follow us on Instagram @rhettandlink to see the crew do something weird with all this leftover cake

– Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – What up Rhett and Link? It's official Brandon Collins and I am eating the cake And now it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (Rhett chuckles) – What up? – Eat that cake

Click the top link to watch us look at cake fails in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Great things come in twos Just like the discounted Dink It and Sink It diner mug set Get yours now at Mythical


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