1 Star vs. 5 Star Toys Test

– Should kids play with these one-star rated toys? – Let’s talk about that (upbeat instrumental music) – Good mythical morning

– If you wanna see us play live this summer, and I know you do, get your concert tickets at Rhettandlinklivecom and you too can HARALS, have a Rhett and Link summer – Oh, it’s an acronym Well my mama always told me just because you can play with it doesn’t mean you should (laughing) And I’m talking about poorly-reviewed toys

But can we tell if it’s highly or lowly rated just through sheer inspection? It’s time for is this Amazon toy one-star or five? I don’t know, what do I look like, Jeff Bezos? – Okay so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna be given two Amazon products One with a majority of five-star ratings, another with a majority one-star ratings – And using our impeccable toy play skills we’re gonna guess which is the one star and which is the five star And the winner gets to keep an item of their choosing, let’s play – [Female] First up we’ve got Prankstar 2060 Poo-Dough two pack for $7

99 versus the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn for 3934 Which is the one-star toy? – Okay so this obvious – This is basically play dough Now I will say that there is a corn and a peanut

– Seriously? – Little mold, it’s on there tight – This looks like just chocolate icing But when put in the proper shape it’s probably gonna Oh that’s kind of the darker one You know how sometimes you get a little bit different colors? – Yeah it depends on how many different meals you have together back-to-back

Get a little bit of the (mumbles) – Here’s a little bit more right there, too It’s squish out if you don’t meet it All right, and you said this was called a what? – [Female] Poopsie – A surprise, Poopsie

– [Female] Slime Surprise Unicorn – All right so this is filled up with something, with some sort of water and I’m gonna feed it because I was told it’s in eat mode (laughing) – It’s going right through it – Oh no – It’s pooping out as you do it

– It’s already pooping instantly? You’re supposed to switch is to poop mode – That little unicorn eats her fiber – Push the button and then the hatch is just constantly open Well I’m not gonna show you the hatch, you can know what it looks like But yeah so immediately is just started, oh gosh

Look at that, runs right through her Her and her arm tattoos Okay and then there is glitter in that So it’s like glitter pee, I ain’t touching that – Are you having fun? That’s the question

– I’m actually angry because there’s glitter involved – Well but look at that, look at that turd And you can eat it because it’s chocolate – No it’s not – No, I was just trying to trick you

– I got excited for a second But I will say with their powers combined, now (laughing) – Whoa, she did a bit duty – Now we’re talking – You get to go roller skating mow

And look, a corn and a peanut Good for you, and you can eat again – Don’t feed the unicorn feces Okay so we’re gonna put our hand over which one we believe is predominantly one star See, there’s three glitters right there

– [Female] You ready? – It’s against our rules to have glitter – [Female] Yeah, yeah, three, two, one – This piece of crap, no pun intended It didn’t even go into poop mode It’s constantly in poop mode

– Yeah, because this piece of crap really makes a great piece of crap – That is reliable dookie maker – I mean it’s really, really good – Just like me when I’ve eaten my fiber – [Female] The one-star toy is the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn

– Yes – Of course it is – [Female] But you know, the number one complaint is the opposite of what we found The complaint is that the unicorn is constipated Not in our case, no

– Come see us, we figured it out – The proof is in the pooping – [Female] Next up we’ve got the Kangaroo multi-voice changer for 1395 versus the Accoutrements yodeling pickle for 1499

Which is the one-star toy? – $15 for a yodeling pickle? – Let’s hear that thing yodel (yodeling) – Which came first, this or the kid in Walmart? – I think he may have been inspired by it – Oh really? – I think he may have been, I think he may have been inspired by it – Now you’re supposed to sound like a kangaroo with this thing? – It’s a voice transformer, it’s a voice transformer And then you do different combinations

It’s a voice transformer – Same voice – It’s a voice transformer – Well don’t change your voice – It’s a voice transformer, it’s a voice transformer

– Change it again – It’s a voice transformer that doesn’t work very well It’s a voice transformer that doesn’t work very well – Well that changed Here’s like try this, let’s transform a yodel

(yodeling) – So the sensitivity on this thing is not great You have to talk pretty loudly and you actually end up hearing my voice and so you don’t hear the transformed voice So if I wanted to talk like this it just makes a weird static – I can’t understand you, man, either way (yodeling) Oh shut up, I didn’t mean to push you again

– Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it (yodeling and banging) – That a durable pickle Indestructible, think about it, if you did that to a regular pickle do you know what would happen? You’d have relish (laughing) Oh shut up – Okay ready

– Okay I’m gonna put you back in your box – [Female] Here we go, three, two, one – Obviously, right? – This one, man – [Female] It’s the voice changer Reviewer say it plain didn’t work, including this one review stating, my son used his birthday money to purchase this

He was very disappointed All settings sounded almost identical All settings make your voice sound incomprehensible – My son is very disappointed with this – [Female] Not as described

– This is not as described – Drop it, say drop it – Drop it – Yeah, but when you do RoboCop it works – Drop it

– Not as well as when you don’t use it, though (upbeat instrumental music) – [Female] This round we’ve got the Air Swimmers remote control flying shark for 3497 versus the Hansa plush ride ewe for $41490 Which is the one-star toy? – Oh my goodness, look at this thing

– What did you say this thing costs? – [Female] $41490 – Is it real, and how much is the shark? – [Female] $3497 – Well I think what we just learned was don’t damage this think because we’re returning it

(laughing) Oh my gosh, this thing is so expensive – Hey, don’t break it Well here’s the thing, we used to have one of these – A female – Years ago during the Mythical Show there was some segment where we brought one of these in

It looks like exactly the same kind – [Female] We went through all the holidays in a month in episode six of the Mythical Show – There you go, see, fun fact And the thing about this thing is that they’re still selling it – It stayed

– So many years later – After we had it, it stayed in our storage closet for like months Whenever the kids would come over Lando walked downstairs and saw it and freaked out so bad he wouldn’t come to the studio for like a year I tried to introduce him to the shark and he was terrified of it There’s not a lot of fidelity to how this thing is

– You wanna belly rub? Man, this thing is so plush, it’s so nice I mean you can really get down the motion of this thing to make it realistic – Are you supposed to cuddle this? – This is difficult, what are you expecting when you get $400 sheep? – I don’t know, is there a blow-up doll kind of situation happening? – Okay, there’s no holes in the back – I can’t find anything wrong with this guy, except the price – Right, it could be like an expectation versus a reality thing, okay

– [Female] Ready? – Yep – [Female] Three, two, one – Yeah, I think it’s this thing – I’m giving it to the shark – He’s being shunned in the corner

– [Female] The one-star toy is the remote-control shark – Yeah, I didn’t vote for you, I got it wrong – [Female] Customers complained that it died quickly, which would have made for a very different Jaws movie – Good one – This guy’s so expensive, though

And he’s my new best friend (lively instrumental music) – [Female] All right, we’ve got the Cry Babies La La baby doll for 1878 versus the Little Pals live action dancing robot for 1699 – Dancing? – [Female] Which is the one-star toy? – Let’s check out this doll

– I’ve been told if I take this out something will happen? – Oh, I heard that (crying) Okay, the baby’s crying – Her eyes are leaking, her eyes are leaking water Is that called crying? – [Link] She’s crying – Let me put it back in, I don’t want this baby to cry

– Oh wow (crying) It’s not a lot, it’s just some little dramatic tears If you push on the eyes do more tears come out? (crying) – No, she just cries louder That’s unsettling, you know what? Kind of upsets me so I don’t have to hear that – Yeah, plug her up

– All right, what have you got? – This guy will dance maybe if I turn this on, don’t know (upbeat music) Come this way, whoa it’s crazy I think my question is what is he spinning on? What’s that? – His third leg (upbeat music) – Well after a while (upbeat music) Well he’s really crying now

But now she’s crying – [Link] Whoa, I’m feeling you girl – [Rhett] Look, she’s not even making any noise anymore She gave out and now she’s just crying Oh she’s crying so much

– You know what will make it better? (upbeat music) – It’s like a really bad date – You are a heartless jerk All right, I’m ready to vote – I don’t know if I am ready to vote – [Female] Wait, is it just me, or is the robot doing the dance from Fiddler on the Roof? (laughing) – Yeah, it’s spinning on its fiddle

– This isn’t immediately obvious to me Is it obvious to you? – It is not obvious, but I’m ready to make a commitment I’ll tell you why afterward – [Female] Okay, three, two, one – This one

– Oh, me too – You sure you don’t want to change? – You sure you don’t wanna change? – I’m not gonna change because you’re in the lead I think it’s this one because it’s annoying and unpredictable That one sits still and just cries It’s annoying, but it’s not unpredictable

– This one didn’t, just to make it interesting I’m gonna go with this one because this didn’t work the first time I did it I’m going with this – [Female] The one-star toy is, the Little Pals dancing robot because it’s so loud one reviewer claims it could wake the dead – Well it’s a dancing robot – It did scare me right when it came on

– Okay, Link – Replay – That means we tied and that means if you want the dancing robot you can have it because we each get to take home what we want – I’m taking that sheep home, I’m taking the afternoon off – Yeah, I don’t know

I kind of like having emotional people, emotional kids around me, so I’m gonna add to that – You like to feel depended upon? And it’s so easy to stop the crying of that one Okay we’re both winners Thanks for like, and commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hey, I’m Dominic from Clearfield, Pennsylvania and it’s time to spin real or mythicality – The sidewalk chalk? Click the top link to watch us make homemade cotton candy with a four-star toy cotton candy maker we bought on Amazon Good Mythical More – And to find out where the real mythicality is gonna land, steer your ears towards some biscuits you can hear Listen to new episodes of Ear Biscuits now on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts

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