1 Star vs. 5 Star Summer Products Test

– Are these summer products one star or five? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Summer

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com to see new videos featuring our team members every Thursday this summer – Mm-hmm, now, as a kid, summer was the best three months of the year hands down Even if I did spend most of the time in my room meticulously creating still life dioramas with my GI Joe figures

– I remember that, I was not allowed to touch them – No – Today we've got some of the best and worst rated summertime products on Amazon but can we tell the difference? It's time for Amazon or Amazoff? Five stars is great, one star is roff – Did you just rhyme off with rough? – I believe I did – Okay, in each round we'll get two Amazon items

One item has a majority of five-star ratings and one of them has a majority of one-star ratings – Our job is to pick the item with one star and the winner gets to keep an item of their choosing – Ooh, let's play – Let's play (upbeat music) – Okay Stevie, what do we got? – [Stevie] First up we have two products ready and willing to guard your heads from that unpredictable summer weather

We've got the hands-free rain hat for $1395 versus the mirrored face visor for $1699 Which is the product with majority one-star reviews? – [Link] Mirrored face visor, what does that run you? – Drop it – It's got a RoboCop kinda vibe

– Drop it – It kinda looks to me like you just need to weld – Yeah that's what I thought it was You're telling me this is for the sun? – What is this? – Drop it You drop it, I don't believe you

– Here I go, is it this? – You were right, you were right, this way would kill you – This is not good – So come all the way around (Link grunts) And now hood goes up – Oh

And then, oh so and then there's these straps that go under my armpits – Of course there's straps – And then I'm expecting rain – Rain will drop

Here's the thing– – Clear here – This is clear so you can see your own self – Oh I'm still down there – If you can't see, if you don't see yourself, you forget that you exist and that causes a existential crisis – When I wore the prototype– – They thought of everything

– Of this, I forgot I had a torso Okay well hmm, both of these seem like brilliant products – Yeah I don't know which one's better Can they both be five star? (chuckles) – No – Was that an option? – Look it can even do the visor over my face

– Yeah and can you still see yourself? – Yeah, this is awesome – [Stevie] You ready to vote? – Yeah – Okay hands over the one-star product in three, two, one – Boom – I think it's yours

– I think this is fabulous – [Stevie] Okay the one-star item is the rain hat – Aw – Yeah, dude, look at your– – I know I look stupid – You know the problem, you can't see yourself

– But it works! – You're at a distinct disadvantage because you can't see how dumb you look – Yeah but if you buy it, you know this is what it is and it's doing it – On the other hand, I look cool (upbeat music) – [Stevie] All eyes could be on you at every pool party this season with the mermaid tail mono fin for $10495 or the men's swim bikini for $19

97 Which is the one-star product? – Hmm $20 for a bikini – The only way to test these is to try 'em on – Yeah I'm feeling that Yeah

Not typically worn over many other layers but it gives me a sense of stability that I heretofore have not had Two chains! Or multiple chains on my crotch area And look at you, man – Now whoa! I don't know if I'm supposed to be a smaller person – I think you need to cover your legs in baby oil first

Let me help you – Really, really, really, really just pull, just get it tight – Do you have your shoes on? – Yeah – Why don't you take your shoes off? – I didn't think mermaids needed to do that Whoa! – All right there you go

Look at that – [Rhett] Oh that's nice, look at that – We make quite a team Now this, it's hard in there I think this could actually locomote a person in like a pool scenario

– I feel very good about both of these We both look great We both seem like we got high quality things on – I don't think there's anything compromising about what I've got going – You think maybe the chains rub off with friction? (crew laughs) – That would definitely bring the stars down

Why would there be friction? – Well I'm just trying to find something– – You think the scales would come off with friction? – I'm trying to find something wrong with the amazing shorts that you have on – I think this would be better if there was one per leg (Rhett slapping tail) Hmm – [Stevie] You ready to vote? – This is difficult – Do we look it? – [Stevie] All right let's do it

Three, two, one – It's gotta be this, right? – I don't know why but ain't nothing wrong with this – Right, it's gotta be this Somebody had expectations about this – [Stevie] The one-star item is the men's swim bikini

– What? – Why? – What are the complaints? – [Stevie] People thought it was small, had no stretch to it and felt like it was going to rip – Oh well yeah, you know what, we should have put that thing on me and I wouldn't have been able to get it off and then we would have known it wasn't good – Doesn't feel like it's gonna rip but hold on, let me try (grunts) Nope – Okay

(upbeat music) – [Stevie] These next two summer products should take care of all of your tailgating needs We've got the PrimeWare Insulated Drink Purse for $45 versus the party drink hat with siren and seven different sounds for $2195 Which is the one-star summer item? – Gettin' my party drink hat on Now, okay I gotta unlock it

Mm – Your bull horn fell down – Oh, Coconut LaCroix? – Does that make any sort of noises or anything? – One star! Yeah this thing's got all types of settings on it here There's a mic but there's also– (dog barking) – A dog – Dog bark

(brakes screech) (objects crash) – Oh yeah play the sound of an accident – Car crash (doorbell rings) – Oh, the ol' doorbell prank – Hello? I just wanna let you know that I just hit your dog (chuckles) – You know what, it's got good amplification

Now I thought that this thing was just a cooler – Oh, but you know what? I don't think he's dead yet Let me try again (brakes screech) (objects crash) (doorbell rings) Hey it's me again – Yep

– I hit your dog again Pretty sure he's gone – You can play all kinds of games with that – Oh yeah What you got over there, Rhett? – I thought that this was just a insulated purse, but Link check this out

It's got a drink bag in here (siren blares) – Aw, you called the cops on me You teeter head I'm out of here (siren blares) – I'll explain this to you

It's got a drink in here that is insulated and then it has its own tap Look at that Look at that, it's got a tap, and you can just come over here (siren blares) And you, okay, open up – Excuse me sir, I'm a thirsty police officer here answering your call

(crew laughs) (hat clatters) What? – Your hat fell off – I'm not good with these hats I've never, never been good with these hats – How was that though? – This is fabulous – You see how easily that came out? – That was not Coconut LaCroix

I loved it – But here's the thing I'll say – Five stars – I'm tempted to give this one star because a lot of times when there's electronics– – A lot of crap can go wrong – But hold on, every single thing you did was predictable, well not predictable but you know what I'm saying? The product was reliable

Usually these things, they're scratchy when you talk through 'em I don't know, I'm torn, again, I think both are great – Hmm, box of wine can go in here – You want some more? – Hmm, I'm ready to vote – [Stevie] Okay three, two, one

– No, I think it's that – [Stevie] The one-star item is the drink hat – Oh (Rhett laughs) – [Stevie] People thought it was– – The drink hat – Leaky, too small, and the speaker was distorted

– Oh, yeah I did think there was a little– – Speaker was distorted – A little distorted (phone rings) Hello? – One star You're in the lead (upbeat music) – [Stevie] The best beaches are dog beaches and to help you make the most of a beach trip with your pup, we've got the dog bikini for $16

99 versus the Puff-N-Fluff for $6995 Which is the one-star item? – You can see this is just a simple dog bikini Barbara is covering up two of her many nipples She's very pleased

– And Jade is like what the heck have you got me in? This is the most conservative dog bathing suit or it's just the top 10 dog dryer in 2016 Dog is dry within minutes Eliminates damp pet odor – How many dog dryers were there released in 2016? One in 10, I think not – I'm gonna fire this up to see what happens

– Watch your friend have fun, watch your friend (air blowing) What? – Yeah Jade, there you go Look at her, she's gettin', she wasn't wet, but she's gettin' drier – You having fun? Jade doesn't look like she's enjoying it – Look at that

That's actually her flesh filling this entire space – Right yeah – I think she might explode Nope, all right, Jade what did you think? I think she loves it But Barbara looks fabulous

All right – [Stevie] Are you ready? – Yeah – Three, two, one – It's gotta be this – It gotta be the dryer, no doubt right? – How could anyone be happy? She's not

– [Stevie] The one-star item is the Puff-N-Fluff – Yes – Yeah – [Stevie] People thought it was hard to use and it ripped easily – It ripped easily? – Barbara, are you sad? – Don't worry, Jade

We'll never do that again We'll never do that to you I'll just use a hair blower just directly on you like I always do Hair blower (chuckles) (upbeat music) – [Stevie] Nothing says summer like butts and balls and we have both with the Booty Max Trainer for $19

95 versus the Sumo Body Bumper Set for $4999 – Okay – Which is the one-star item? – Now this thing is only $20, and as you can see I'm really workin' my booty knots You don't have to hold the packaging while you do it

That's an option I added but I will say one of the things I see is that this woman is doing a squat like they're listing that as a viable exercise but listen, all she's doing is holding onto the thing and going up and down I don't need this for squats – You look like you're on a stationary segue It's like I don't know if anything gets more disappointing than that – I'm on a scooter that doesn't have wheels

– How do I look? – You look like a member of the Fruit of the Loom, like the rejected blue raspberry – Oh Where's my partner? Does it come in sets of two, yes Hey, partner Actually why are we hitting hands when we should be hitting bodies! – Yeah you guys need to really let each other have it

Hold on, hold on – This is nice little chest– – Oh Davin, can you turn towards the camera? Why is yourself like oval shaped? – It popped during shipping – Okay, take that into account Link (chuckles) Oh that's sturdy – Here we go

Three, two, one chest bump – [Davin] Whoa (Rhett laughs) – Three, two, one chest bump – Hit him harder! (Rhett laughs) – You're always bigger than me– – [Rhett] I think it's Davin's compromised– – Yeah you don't have as much air, let's just hug (grunting) (crew laughing) – [Rhett] Whoa

– All right here we go – That was very sweet – We got it We had a moment Me and you– – Yeah

– Davin – We sure did – It's good I'm sorry you're half deflated but emotionally, I'm pretty pumped up right now – You guys had more fun than me

But I have a strong suspicion both of these products suck but– – They both suck, yeah How could anything be majority five stars in this situation? – [Stevie] All right let's see Three, two, one – It's gotta be this – I mean all right

I'm already losing, fine I'm gonna vote for your booty blaster, what's it called? Who cares – The Booty Max – Booty Max Trainer – Booty Max

– [Stevie] The one-star item is the Booty Max Trainer – Woo! – Yeah – [Stevie] People said the cable ripped almost immediately and they saw no summer booty gains – No summer booty – Aw

Well Rhett you still win four to two so – Well I would like the visor back but also secretly I'm gonna keep the Booty Max Trainer because I'm attached to it – Get in here, let's sandwich him – Drop it – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– Davin, you say you know what time it is – You know what time it is (Rhett grunts) Oh boy (Rhett chuckles) – Hi I'm Melissa – And I'm Jonathan

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