1 Star vs. 5 Star Product Test

– Can we tell the difference between a one-star product and a five-star product? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning

– Today's very special Black Friday episode is sponsored by Capital One Eno is your intelligent assistant that helps you manage your Capital One accounts to protect your money 24/7 Eno alerts you to suspicious charges, sends bill pay reminders and is even there for you at checkout online to make shopping safer and easier – Mm-hm, I actually heard from Eno earlier today who let me know that my credit card bill was due, and turkeys are expensive, y'all – Eno, how much dough do I owe on my credit card? $1,752

19 – Okay – I shouldn't have bought all that pizza dough Tell me something to make me feel better (crew laughing) Why did the football coach go to the bank? To get his quarter back

(laughs) Woo! Eno's got Dad jokes! For days! – Today is the perfect day to get started with Eno because it's Black Friday – That's right, the one day of the year where you throw on your battle gear and head out to conquer the best sales at your favorite stores to get your smart shopping on – But just how smart are we when it comes to shopping and can we determine just by looking at them which products rate well and which products rate poorly? It's time for Are These Online Products The Bomb Diggity Or Were The Reviews Wiggity, Wiggity, Wack? – Sponsored by Capital One Okay we're gonna receive two different products One has an overwhelming amount of five-star reviews, the other product has a majority one-star reviews

– And after we thoroughly investigate both products, Stevie is gonna give us a three, two, one, and we're gonna put our hand over which product we think is the one-starrer – Yes – And whoever gets the most right wins a product of their choice at the very end – Let's play – [Rhett and Link] Round one

– [Stevie] Okay, first up we've got an animatronic cockroach versus a UFO detector Which is the one-star product? – Oh – Okay, first of all, I have a working one here I'm going to– – Oh, look at that – Turn it on

Now, this thing is $1199 – That's pretty cheap for something that's got packaging a lot better than this thing which costs $8766 And detects UFOs though which is very handy

– Oh! – Oh yeah, there she goes Put the cockroach in my hand Over here – Uh-oh, oh – Oh, oh, oh, it's hiding behind the microphone

Uh-oh, we're seeing the one-star performance I'm just saying – User error! – User error, seriously? – Yeah, yeah I mean 'cause I don't know how to back it up – Does it fly like a cockroach or? If you cut off its head, this thing still responds to remote control for the next two weeks

(Rhett giggles) And of course, here, unboxed is the UFO detector It looks like a circuit board – UFO detector $8766

– [Link] And you put the cover over it– – What? – And then you just wait for it to detect the UFO I guess (crew laughs) I've always wondered if we had a UFO – Let's see if it can detect a roach – [Link] Well it's not flying, what if it were flying? – Oh, look at that! – Oh my gosh It didn't go off the table

– I feel– – Here's the thing Is it detecting a UFO, is that what those bulbs mean? – I think it's constantly detecting a UFO – [Stevie] You guys ready to guess? – Yes, so we're putting our hand over the crappy one – Uh-huh – [Stevie] Okay three, two, one

– It's gotta be this one – If you pay $87 for this thing and you're pleased, you crazy – Right 'cause no UFO's ever gonna show up Everyone's disappointed – Yeah

– [Stevie] So the product that has the majority one-star reviews is the cockroach – [Rhett] No! This thing's amazing! – Hold on, what you're saying is, this has majority five-star reviews? Oh come on This is– – I could have fun for hours with this – But how does this get five stars? – I guess it really detects UFOs Who would have known

– [Rhett and Link] Round two – [Stevie] Next we've got the baby gender reveal golf balls versus money eating coin bank – Ooh – [Stevie] Which is the one-star product? – All right so– – Can they both be? – Money eating face bank I've got an opened version here, it's very lightweight, it's made out of plastic but feel, the front of that thing is rubberized

– That's not creepy at all – Okay so I got some pennies here, I'm gonna turn it on Okay nothing happened I'm gonna grab a penny – It looks like that guy from season one of Doctor Who who was just skin face

– You ready, you ready, here we go (crew laughs) Nothing – That's what's supposed to happen? Nothing? – I don't think so I think it's supposed to actually eat it but it didn't – Shove another one back in there

– Turn it off, turn it back on again Hit it a couple of times (coin clatters) – Oh – Penny fell – Okay

– [Link] Eat it Eat it, Daddy, come on – Stick it in Oh gosh, did you, whoa, gosh! – It worked out, look it – It's trying to eat it, feed it, Link, feed it! – Okay! (coin clatters) It doesn't really, it doesn't really, if I put it right there, it doesn't really wanna eat it, see? Come on, eat it, eat it

– That is so disturbing Oh, he got it! – Yes, yes! Hey, you know what, you can't force the penny in, but you gotta give it a nice love tap It went from a one-star to potentially five-star, I don't know – All right I am going to– – What's the gender, Rhett? – I'm going to reveal the gender of this golf ball (chuckles) Isn't that what I'm doing? No okay, so of course this is when you, you give grandpa the golf ball and say, "Hey Dad

"Get ready to hit the golf ball" (crew laughing) And then, it reveals what gender your baby's gonna be! (thumps) (laughs loudly) – What happened? I see a puff– – Oh my, oh gosh – Of smoke Where is it? Morgan, did you find it? – Can I have it back up here because I can see what flavor, I see what flavor it is – Flavor, you eat your kids? – But I don't know if you can

Hold on, you know what, I'm gonna do that again – It didn't even, hold on, wait, wait Wait, man – Is everybody ready? Everybody ready? – Everybody ready? (thumps) – Oh gosh! I don't know if you can tell but that's pink! It's a girl! Born into a world of gender stereotypes! – Oh, it was pink a cloud! – Yes – You get to keep hitting the ball, is that how it works? Oh

– Whoa! Oh! – Okay, okay – Here we go – All right – Sorry Sorry guys

– Wow Okay, I can just read the reviews right now My mom lost her eye – (laughs) Yeah Well typically it would be on a golf course and you wouldn't be this way

– Okay, let's put our hand over the one-star item – [Stevie] Here we go, three, two, one – It has to be this dangerous golf ball – Yeah 'cause it doesn't even look a real golf ball I think that's the complaint

– [Stevie] The one-star item is the money-eating coin bank – No, that's awesome! – [Stevie] And it had the majority one-stars because people hate that it's not great at eating coins – Yeah – I think it's pretty awesome at eating them coins – Yeah it wasn't great at eating coins and look

It doesn't work the whole time – Yeah, okay (crew laughs) – [Rhett and Link] Round three – [Stevie] Up next we've got earthworm jerky versus cuttlefish ink Which is the one-star product? – Cuttlefish ink? – Guess it's like squid ink, you can cook with it

I'm not sure what cuttlefish is, but I'd love to cuddle with one – All right Let's break into that We really gotta see how jerky the worms are, I guess – You know what? (laughs) – What? – That's a trick

You can't give that one-star, double packed – Bag in a bag, man Dump it – Oh gosh it's just– – Oh look, it's got a moisture pack Or is this a weird earthworm? – No that's to dry it out, to keep it dry

Keep it jerked – Keep it desiccated – So that is a– – Oh my gosh – That is just a dried up earthworm with some seasoning on it – [Link] Why? – [Rhett] Why not, man? – Oh! – That's not tasty

– Tastes like some sort of glue compound Something you would repair a boat with – It actually tastes a lot like the worms that I've had Oh gosh – (spits) Ugh, it's very wormy

You know what I need– – It's a little spicy – To replace that taste with, cuttlefish ink – Yeah, why don't you just drink it straight? – Oh my word We've been here before – This one is $14

24, that one's $1439 They're so close! – Hey remember that thumbnail from years back– – Oh gosh that stinks You're gonna wanna spit that out – It's great

None went in my mouth (Rhett laughs) – Is it thick? – It's got a stink to it Come on man, let's both take it – I just don't want you to spit cuttlefish ink on me – Here you go, Rhett

– Why'd you give me so much? – For the thumbnail (chuckling) Where's my thumbnail camera, right there? – Golly, I don't wanna do this, man I just feel like it'll affect me for the rest of the day You already got a little bit on your nose – Oh yeah? – Yeah, from– – Come on, Gomer

Dink it It's a one-star or five (crew member groans) That was a thumbnail Ugh! (coughs) (groaning painfully) – Oh gosh – It's very salty

– Oh oh, oh God, oh God (retching dramatically) (coughs) – Ugh, hope it doesn't stain my mouth – Is my tongue black? Okay, that's not bad actually Oh gosh, you got it on your teeth too – [Stevie] All right guys, I'm gonna need an answer

– Whoa, that's some high quality cuttlefish ink, man – Yeah it is All right I'm ready for an answer – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – It's gotta be the worms

– Yeah, yeah – Tastes like Satan's spawn – The ink on the other hand– – [Stevie] You were both correct – Yes – Yes

It's high quality – [Stevie] It was rated poorly because it was seasoned poorly – Yeah, it needed to be seasoned strong – I think it was just the wrong choice for jerky (Link gags) – [Rhett and Link] Round four

– [Stevie] Okay guys, we've got the neck exerciser versus the hands-free foot filer – Hands-free foot filer – Hands-free foot filer – [Stevie] Which has the most, the majority one-star reviews? – Okay, Stevie– – First of all, this comes with Q-tips – Previously asked me to remove my socks, so I'm gonna take this thing, put it on one foot, it's what it seemed to indicate

And then, file down my bunion with the other one Oh does that unpleasant you? – And I'm gonna try to– – It's not doing anything – I'm gonna try to work this – Oh my gosh, Rhett – I don't have much of a chin, so, you gotta really reach up there and get it

(moaning) (grunting rapidly) (thumping feet rhythmically) I could really get into this (grunting and thumping) Hands-free, Mom – Why are you talking to your mom? (crew laughs) – 'Cause she's– – She's so proud right now – 'Cause she's so impressed (laughs) She's always so– (sputters) She's always so impressed with me

(laughs) It sorta grips you – That is a twisted device – That guy agrees with everything! – It looks like– – Yeah, that's a good point – From the side, it looks like he's got like an external windpipe or something – You doing all right today? Yeah

You like that machine? Yeah You think you got one-star reviews? – Okay – I don't know (sighs) – Man, are you cramping? – No I feel great – So you say it works, okay, I'm ready to vote, 'cause this right here, as you can see, hands free

– [Stevie] All right, three, two, one – You know what, I'm going for the win And I'm voting for myself because it's easier to put my foot here – [Stevie] The answer is the neck exercisor – Yes! Yeah I mean I had a lot of fun for those seconds (chuckles) that I did it, but– – But your neck's not swole? – Yeah but I've got an especially strong neck

I mean I think for the average person, it'd be too challenging (Link thumps foot on desk) – Okay Rhett so you won, you get to choose anything you want to take home today, and I'm just gonna wear this as a shoe – Well what do you think I wanna take home? – Seriously, is that the one you want? (chuckling) Okay – Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring this episode Go to capitalone

com/eno to learn more and get started with Eno today – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – [Evan] My name is Evan and I am in a dark warehouse in the middle of nowhere, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Evan, we have no way of knowing if you're telling the truth

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