1 Star vs. 5 Star Bed Bath & Beyond Product Test

– To bed, bath, and beyond! – Let's talk about that (quirky upbeat music) – Good mythical morning! – And please welcome to the show, our new friend and the star of Disenchantment on Netflix, Abbi Jacobson

(applauding) Right here! – Welcome to the show! – Hi guys What's up? – Thanks for being here – Thanks for having me – Okay, now your character on Disenchantment is named Bean I'm a bean man

Uh, what are your top three beans? – I mean, I love a garbanzo bean – Ooh, nice, yeah, can become so many things – [Abbi] Right? – Can become so many things – They could be, it could become so many things Okay, and then I really like the big bean, the big white bean

(laughing) – The big white? – Like a lima? – Got somebody No, maybe it's called an elephant bean – Oh, the elephant bean – Beans have nothing to do with this episode, guys – You're right

– I will say, we never really, Bean doesn't talk about beans a lot – Okay, good – Well, you know what? It's early though – It is early (laughing) – This episode is about Bed, Bath, & Beyond

– Okay, of course – And I'm a huge fan of your secret handshakes from Broad City, but I didn't realize that there was more of a connection to Bed, Bath & Beyond than that – Yes, yes My mom worked at Bed, Bath, & Beyond when I was a kid – Ooh

– I think she worked there for maybe, seven years – Okay – A couple different locations In the Philadelphia area – So you should know, you should know your products then

– I mean, I'm pretty familiar I'm familiar with how to fold things and I'm familiar with products and appliances – Okay, well we're gonna put that to the test – Oh no – Because it's time for Some Bed, Bath, & Beyond products are great and some are crappy Can we tell which is which with Disenchantment's Abbi? (laughing) – Yep, we just went crappy and Abbi, I'm sorry

I didn't do it, it wasn't my idea In each round, we're gonna be presented with two items One of them has prevailing five-star ratings on the Bed, Bath, & Beyond website, while the other one is only gonna have one-star ratings – Wow, okay – Yes, and using our collective deep love and knowledge of BB&B, we're going to guess which one has the one-star ratings, and the winner of the game gets to keep an item of their choosing! – Wow! – Secret handshake time

No, we can't, with two – It's hard with two – Not enough time to learn it – Let's play (funky guitar music) – [Stevie] Okay, first up we have Gerber Graduates for Toddlers Lil' Biscuits for $2

49 versus the Tricerataco Taco Holder for $1299 Which is the one-star Bed, Bath, & Beyond product? – So is this so that, here take one of those, Abbi, is this for display of the taco or actually help with the eating of the taco? – [Rhett] No, it's fun, it's taco night – Does it make it where you can eat two at once? – No, you just give it to little Bobby on a dinosaur – I mean, this is a fun product

– Yeah, it's very fun – I have, honestly – I thought you were gonna say something obscene – Never seen anything like this – And it teaches children how to eat dinosaur for later in life

– Yes – But I don't know, but you can't eat out of it – No, it's just a holder! – I think it's a different – I'm just saying – I think it was interesting because we were presented with a plate as well

I think this is the plate (shell crunching) – I mean, you can do that if you want, but I don't think little Bobby is expected to do that – You can eat out of it I just proved that – Is the taco the, not, the taco is a separate? – Taco sold separately

– Okay – I think people are gonna be disappointed because after one bite, maybe three, you're gonna be getting into plastic dino – I love that you're making it part of the food – You want a Lil' Biscuit? – Uh, sure – I'll pour it right in your hand

Yeah, you can get a fresh one – A fresh one – You have a fresh – These look really fresh – Pass those on

– They look very fresh – So this is like, for teething babies, right? You use your gums to bite it (cookies snapping) – It's a dog biscuit for children (laughing) – Okay – How could you hate that? – We're having very different experiences with these right now

(laughing) – Yeah, all right – You guys both love the lil' baby biscuits? – I did not, I didn't say I loved it! – You're still, you're still both still eating it – Well, we, when people give us stuff, we eat it (laughing) We don't have to like it – It's very chalky

– It's not good – But I think babies' palate aren't very refined My palate is very refined – Are the babies leaving the ratings, or are the parents leaving the ratings, 'cause that's a big difference here – [Stevie] All right, guys, so you're gonna have to all make your own individual choices, and on the count of three, – Hold your hand over

– I love that you're still eating it – [Stevie] You're gonna put your hand over the one-star object – Over the which? – [Stevie] Over the one-star – Over the one-star, over the bad one – Which hand? (laughing) – Oh, you know what? I can't wait to find out

– [Stevie] Here we go – I know I'm right on this one – [Stevie] One, two, three – Bam, all right, you guys are wrong You're so wrong

Tell 'em, Stevie – [Stevie] Okay, the one-star product is, Gerber Graduate Lil' Biscuits – Yeah! – Yes! – Why? Again, it tastes bad but – [Stevie] Apparently, Gerber changed their recipe and adults and babies alike hate it Reviewer Chrissy from Covington, Georgia said, "Granted, I'm old but there's just "some things you shouldn't change

" – Oh – Oh, they got – Wait, these aren't a classic? – This is a new recipe – Lil' Biscuits? – New recipe – Which is like a, but the old recipe was a five-star product? – Yeah, apparently Lil' Biscuits used to be great

– Mmmkay (funky guitar music) – [Stevie] All right, up next we've got the Kickerland 10-in-1 Wood Hammer for $1999 versus a set of four waterproof pet sandals that cost between $1999 and $2499, depending on size

(giggling) Which is the one-star product? – Wushu – Well, Wushu immediately started drinking the water – This is Wushu, and Wushu wears shoes Wushu shoes – There's so much happening

(laughing) Wow – But I can see his feet getting wet (laughing) – Yeah, why are they, are they water, are they water sandals? Aren't they land sandals? – I thought he was gonna pee on me – Look what's happening in the back – Guys, is the water for the dog to hydrate, or for the sandals? – Wushu, stay in the water because you're supposed to stay dry, ironically

– I see – I don't know the answer to your question – I think that they're land sandals (chuckling) – [Link] Look at how he's hold – I think they're for the beach

I'm gonna say just by the very few steps that these might have gotten some bad press (chuckling) – Yeah, Wushu don't drink the water that you are standing in That's embarrassing (laughing) – Oh my, Wushu (laughing) – He doesn't seem ashamed

– I can't tell if his feet are going out, or just the sandals are going out – I mean, hilarious – Don't know what we're dealing with over here – Good Job, Wushu, good job buddy – Just to show you

– What are you gonna, what's the? – You might just wanna, could you hold, could you pull on one arm there? – Pull on an arm, yeah this is a – Looks like you have to (fabric ripping) See how easily that? – That was extremely easy, and an interesting choice – Right, yeah (laughing) – I mean, look, you can do all kinds of things with this

You can do ten different things (laughing) – But who's counting? Are you guys ready to vote? – [Stevie] All right, you guys, you ready to vote? – Okay, wait, wait, wait Okay, wait – [Stevie] So hand over the one-star – Hand over the one-star

– Either hand – Right – Freestyle – Put your hand over the one-star – [Stevie] Okay, here we go

– Okay, I think I'm ready – [Stevie] One, two, three – It's gotta be the shoes – Yeah, I'm (laughing) – [Stevie] Poor Wushu, but you guys are all correct

– Look at them – I mean – Can't stay on for a minute, and I really am, I don't think they're meant for water Think that might be on us (laughing) (funky guitar music) – [Stevie] Before you, you have the Blomus cheese slicer for $31

99 versus the Philips Sonicare – Blomus – [Stevie] Tongue Care and Base kit for $1499 Which is the one-star product? – Okay, now do you guys wanna slice some cheese or scrub some tongue first? – I think you do cheese first – Bingo

– Here Oh, look, you gotta do this – Oh wow, looks like it goes the other – Oh, it's like one of those, I've seen these on the TV, elementary school paper cutters Look at that, oh oh oh, it's so easy

– [Abbi] Wow – [Rhett] Take a slice – That's a huge slice of cheese – Yeah We have a lot of cheese

(laughing) Oh, you wanna go small? Look, I can do that Yeah, go, I wanna see how small – [Link] How small can you go? – [Rhett] Oh, how small can I go? – [Link] Can you go paper thin? – Yeah, yeah – Yeah, just eke it over Bring it down

Ooh, dang, that is thin – [Rhett] You gotta hold your cheese, if you wanna do it like that – [Link] That is thin – [Rhett] Look at that – I mean, I'm impressed right there

– Eat it, Abbi You don't want (laughing) – This is a very Type A kind of product I'm into it (chuckling) – Very

– Very, oh! – I mean, will it cut your finger, if you like? – I think it will (seething) Guys! – No, it won't It won't, it's just a cable – Okay, cool – Just a cable

– Let me do it really hard – No! Sorry for the yelling in your ear, but let me see how this tastes Imagine this has a little blood on it (light laughing) – Look at that We do have a cheesy poster to try to cut

– Hayden Christensen was in other movies? (chuckling) – Do you wanna, you wanna take the, remove this, see what else it can cut? – Yeah, we can Okay, there it is – It has its limits, guys Only cheese – Not working

– I wonder if you do it, yeah – Not working (slicer clanging) – I like the fact that it can only cut cheese though – I bet it could cut other food products – Cheese-like products

– Cheese-like products – I'm a big fan of the Blomus – Great name – Now, now they're saying 80% bad breath comes from the tongue Let's get rid of that, try this

– Let me remove this big block of cheese away – Sure, anywhere you want So we've got this attachment, which goes on, like, the Sonicare mechanical vibration toothbrush thing – Which we don't have – They didn't, that's not part of this, and then

– Do you, I'll just use yours – Yeah, you wanna save it? – [Rhett] I'm gonna – [Link] Yeah, we'll save these – Okay Now, I'm just gonna spray this on your tongues? (laughing) – Oh, it goes on the tongue first

(spraying) – Aah (spraying) Hey, (spraying) and then, what is, this is weird, there's nothing to it – Well, you have to shake your hand real fast to emulate the (laughing) (imitates buzzing) I think I hurt myself doing that What could be wrong with that? – Wait, on the thing it will just vibrate, or it's just something else to hold? – I think it vibrates it

– Okay – Like a toothbrush (laughing) – I mean – How could that not be, these are both great – This is sucks

– [Stevie] It's a really hard game, but I'm gonna have to ask for your answers here – Nothing about the experience I had with this – No – I feel like this is overkill because I can use a regular tongue brush – This should come with the toothbrush

– The thing – The base line, yeah – This should not be a separate – [Stevie] Okay, here we go One, two, three

– It's gotta be one-star – I'm losing I'm just trying to even out the odds I don't know why, but I'm voting for that – [Stevie] The one-star product is the Blomus

– Blomus! – No way! – Yes! – This thing's amazing! – Three-way tie, thanks to the Blomus I don't know why – I'm very, this is five stars? – Okay, so we all tied – That's nuts – Which means, well Abbi, since you're our guest, you get to pick the thing that you wanna take home, and we'll just choose from the leftovers

– Maybe you, I could interest you in – I want the dog (laughing) – Yeah, the dog The dog not gonna go – All right, okay

Dog adopted – I want, wow – The toilet? – There's so many good things to choose from here I think I want – Looks great on you

– Obviously, the dog sandals! – Yes! – All right! Okay, congratulations to all of us – All four of those, and check out Abbi in Disenchantment, part two, now streaming on Netflix – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – Now you say, you know what time it is – Oh, did you just say that already? – Yeah

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